Not easy, but worth it!

October 24, 2021

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I was being interviewed and was asked about what I meant by Stop Playing Small, which is something that I share about in classes and retreats, because it’s so prevalent and so painful.  I meet many spiritual students, and particularly, ministers, teachers and healing professionals who are playing small and they feel the pain and restriction of it.

Just like me, there are so many wonderful and talented people who are playing small and they think it’s because they haven’t figured out how to make things happen and come together in the world.  Here’s what I learned:  we think that when we get things right in the world of form, then our growth and expansion will happen.

This world just doesn’t work that way.

As A Course in Miracles says, “all thought produces form at some level.”  

What is form?  Form is:

Our beliefs,
and, very importantly, our emotions.

What does “at some level” mean?  The levels are:
as well as ETHERIC – which is causation, which is belief 

When we allow the Higher Holy Spirit Self to remove from our awareness the beliefs that are the CAUSE of our playing small, feeling angry, broke, sick, and tired while also simultaneously focusing on BEING LOVING, then we have a miraculous healing.

Sometimes it’s easy to let a belief go, and sometimes we really cling to it.  

Why would we cling to a false belief?

Well, if we’ve become identified with being a victim, a martyr, an addict, a failure or some other false identification, then it’s a really full-on life change.  I know, because I used to have a very, very strong false identification of:

Something’s really, REALLY wrong with me – I’m bad – I’m evil – I’m irreparably damaged and a disgrace.  

I found that the way to heal it was to give it to the Higher Holy Spirit Self.  That’s what it says in ACIM.  A Course in Miracles actually tells us very clearly that we cannot do it, so don’t even try.  That works for me!

This method is what I call Catch, Release, Replace.

Catch your untrue thoughts
Release them to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for healing
Replace them with loving thoughts

How do we catch our untrue thoughts?

When we feel disturbed – there must be an untrue thought – that’s WHY we feel disturbed.

The slightest irritation is evidence of an untrue thought.

We don’t have to analyze or even identify what it is.  

We can say to the Higher Holy Spirit Self “what ever is the cause of this minor irritation, this seething anger, this sadness, this hurt, this shame, please take it out of my mind so I never think it again.  I’m not interested in believing this anymore.  I’m not subject to these false beliefs anymore – known or unknown, recognized or unrecognized, felt or not felt – I’m done with all of it.  I choose to be loving, kind, generous, helpful and free.”

I had to do this, some days, more than 100 times a day.  It wasn’t easy, but it sure was worth it!

I demonstrated my TRUE willingness to leave the past that I had made, the meaning I’d made, the interpretations that were false and a splinter in my mind, and to give it to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for healing.

I had to attune to that one voice, and leave the “voice” of the ego behind.  

What I learned from my own experience was that I hadn’t consciously realized I was inflicting the “playing small” on myself.  I thought I was playing small because CIRCUMSTANCES weren’t supporting me in my growth and expansion.  

As I began to practice giving to the Higher Holy Spirit Self what didn’t serve me, then my circumstances began to change.  I started thinking differently.  The old patterns left me.  I started making new healing choices.  

We share one mind.  As I began to teach only Love, then my ministry began to take shape and form.  People began to be interested in what I was sharing because “as I am lifted up, I draw all unto me.”

I was completely convinced that the reason I was being held back was because things in the world weren’t organizing themselves for my expansion.  SO NOT TRUE!

This is so important:
I knew I wasn’t REALLY walking my talk and because of that, deep down, I was playing small so I didn’t have a greater sphere of influence.  

I didn’t wish to teach that not walking your talk is the way to do it.  

As long as I wasn’t really walking my talk – I was a living demonstration of talking, but not knowing, not really understanding, and deep down, I didn’t wish to demonstrate that, so I held my self back with excuses.

My life has completely changed since then.
I’m so inspired to support others in breaking through their perceived limitations and truly answering their call of inspiration!

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