The Light of the Holy Relationship

October 12, 2021

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If we could really fathom the healing power of the Holy Relationship perhaps we’d all rush to experience them.  All that’s required is for us to be willing to choose them.  

We choose once.

The Holy Spirit snaps into action converting our relationship into a holy one.

However, most of us, (so Jesus tells us in A Course in Miracles) will choose to abandon the relationship rather than ride it all the way to holy.  

Why?  Because our ego-identified self cannot bear to be non-judgmental, wholly loving, truly compassionate, day in and day out.  We lack the willingness and the patience.

Yet, there’s a way to have the holy relationship even with all that resistance.  And that way is to keep turning all the resistance and reluctance, all the judgments and complaints over to the Holy Spirit for healing.  

Our job is to allow.

We say we want the Peace of God, but we choose our attack thoughts instead.  

We say we want a life without pain, but we choose our complaints instead.

We say we want to be prosperous and abundant, but we choose lack and limitation thinking instead.

We don’t experience what we want, we experience what we choose.

That’s how this world works.  In this way, it works FOR us.  We get to have what we choose.  Imagine going into any restaurant, any store and choosing whatever we’d like.  If we choose it, we’ve got it.  That’s how this is working.  

Saying we want a holy relationship is different than choosing it and we need to realize that.

We can’t have a holy relationship and harbor our mean thoughts at the same time.  We have to at least be willing to give them up.

Giving those attack thoughts to Spirit brings healing, Harmony, Wholeness, Freedom and Joy – what’s not to like?

Let’s choose again and again until all we choose is Love.  

The Holy Spirit will support our healing, let’s go ALL IN for that change.

This is the time, right NOW!


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