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October 14, 2021

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Many times people ask me to help them uncover their life purpose.  I get it.  People don’t feel successful in their life until they tap into living their life purpose.  What I’ve realized is that our life purpose really isn’t about DOING anything.  Only the ego wants to do lots of things in order to get recognition.  The Spirit, our Higher Holy Spirit Self knows that the whole reason for our existence is to express and reveal ourselves as Love.

Once you know your life purpose, life gets a whole lot better – if you’re willing to actually fulfill it.  Here’s what I know about discovering your life purpose: 

Being loving is your purpose in this world.  

It’s my purpose too.

It’s everyone’s life purpose!  

Releasing the blocks to Love and healing the patterns of negative beliefs is our purpose and being loving is the way we do that.

It’s so simple that many people aren’t satisfied with it because their ego can’t accept it.  It doesn’t seem special enough.  After all, anyone can do it.

When I began to accept my purpose for living as forgiving and being loving then I began to tap into my highest potential and things really began to change.  I AM so grateful I could see and accept my life purpose.  

When you decide to really succeed at living your life purpose of being loving then everything else will fall into place and you’ll find that each day offers remarkable fulfillment.

When we choose to BE the Light and live the light, then we cannot fail.  The Light never fails.

We’re all blessed, so blessed, and when we’re being loving we know it.  

You can live your life purpose!

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