Go For the Tipping Point!

November 29, 2021

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A big heartfelt THANK YOU! to all who have reached out to me about my birthday. I feel so blessed to have friends all around the world. Thank you for letting me know that when I share my heart it touches yours and is helpful.

I’m feeling so very grateful for everything in my life. I feel grateful for the Peace of mind that I have. I have minor upsets, but I can’t hold onto them. They disappear like steam in the air.

One of the things I share about in Masterful Living is that there’s a tipping point.

When most of us start this journey we may not realize it, but our mind is focused on about 75% negative thoughts.

In Masterful Living, as we progress through the year and really dive into shifting our thinking, people are shocked to realize how focused on lack, limitation, attack, blame and guilt they’ve been. It’s part of the awakening.

Once that realization has happened, people can truly dedicate themselves to clearing the mental clutter negative thinking.

When we’re truly willing, and dedicated, then we can get to 51% loving thoughts. Once our mind is more focused on being loving than unloving, even by 2% it makes a profound difference.

Everything gets much easier once we hit that tipping point.

Often we think about how far we have to go. If you think about it as only getting to 51%, it feels much easier. Spirit WILL do the rest.

Be more wiling than unwilling and more loving than unloving and you’ll find the Peace of God. Isn’t that worth going for?

You bet it is!

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NOW is the time for us to do everything we can to let the past go and choose to live as our most magnificent self.


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