My Spiritual Practice Heals My Life!

January 30, 2022

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Don’t give up before the miracle. When the going gets tough, and it seems like things just won’t go your way, it’s so tempting to give up and go into self-medication, despair and depression or yet another distraction. Don’t we all already know that?

A Course in Miracles tells us that all doubt is self-doubt.

Getting to the root cause of doubt, otherwise known as lack of trust and faith, it’s simple.  

VERY simple.

When we place our trust and faith in the ego, there will ALWAYS be doubt. 

When we place our trust and faith in the ego, we’ll feel unsure, anxious, off-balance, worried, and afraid.  

It’s because the ego thought system is a web of false beliefs.  Doubt is what happens when we build our house on sinking sands of false beliefs instead of the rock of truth.

Workbook Lesson 77 of ACIM is “I am entitled to miracles.”

A miracle is when we shift our mind to the Holy Spirit’s way of thinking and away from the ego’s thought system of lack and limitation.  This is a decision we make.  

7 is the number of truth.
77 is a master number (double digit number that repeats itself like 11, 22, 33 are all master numbers) and it represents freedom of expression.

The 7th day of the week is the day of the Seventh Ray, which is the Violet Flame of Freedom and forgiveness.

Do you notice how everything works together – and everything in this world is symbolic. The invisible is speaking to us all the time. We’re never alone.

Part of the Lesson 77 practice is:
I will not trade miracles for grievances.
I want only what belongs to me.

God has established miracles as my right.  Truth is my inheritance.  Love is my identity.  

When it’s tempting to energize a grievance, then, in essence, we’re giving up on God.  Perhaps there’s doubt about whether God has what we’re looking for.  And then, maybe there’s a temptation to give up on God.

Let’s deepen our practice today and instead of giving up, let’s remember that we’re entitled to miracles.

I will not trade miracles for grievances.
I am entitled to miracles.
Grievances are nothing I want.

I choose Love and gratitude as my spiritual practice today and every day.  This keeps my focus off grievances.  This opens my heart.

My spiritual practice heals my life!

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