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January 16, 2022

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Yesterday morning I woke up and it was -17 degrees outside.  That’s -27 celsius.  17 degrees below zero and I know that you might be in a place where it’s even colder, but that’s a lot for me, and for Bodhi.  Although she doesn’t mind it as much as I do.  I had to wait till it warmed up to -9 before I took Bodhi out to play with her.  It was too cold just to walk her.

Before I went out, I washed my face and then put coconut oil on it to protect it.  Of course, if Bodhi weren’t with me I wouldn’t dream of going out to play in the snow.

I wore my face mask to help me keep my face warm and my glasses were so fogged up I couldn’t see out of them, but at least they helped my face stay warm!  Ha!

Throughout the day Bodhi was quite bored, but she seemed to understand that it was just too cold to go out for very long.  We made 3 ventures out to play and to keep her from losing her mind.  I let her tear apart a wool dryer ball, just to keep her occupied.  The den became a puppy playground.

As I was telling my longtime prayer partners in our weekly call yesterday, when Bodhi’s frustrated because I’m not taking her outside to play, I can’t say to her, “Bodhi, my love, you’re never upset for the reason you think.  It’s not what’s happening that’s bothering you, it’s your thoughts about it that’s upsetting you.”  She just isn’t there yet.

My taking Bodhi out multiple times today to play and run and jump with her in the frigid wind and snow was actually an act of Self-Love.  Bodhi and I are one.  Her happiness is my happiness too.  All expressions of Love are miraculous and taking her out was an expression of my Love for her and myself.  

I have a responsibility to care for Bodhi and so I bundled myself and went out into the cold in order to give her enough exercise to get her through the day.  A bonus is that she has so much fun and I laugh a lot when playing with her.  My attitude is this:  I don’t HAVE to take her out, I GET to take her out.  AND I get to play with her.  

My fulfilling my responsibility to her, and doing so with happiness and Joy, is an act of Self-Love for me.

Today I’m offering my Self-Love Workshop online.
I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot in the last month.

It’s so important for us to understand that if we’re intent on awakening from the dream of separation, we absolutely MUST make Self-Love a priority.


Because there’s NO awakening without it.

We are Love.
“Teach only Love because that is what you are,” says A Course in Miracles.

Whatever we choose, that’s what we’re teaching.
If it brings us happiness, we’re teaching that our choice has brought happiness.
If it brings us misery, we’re teaching that.

Everyone is watching, whether we or they are realizing it.

I didn’t realize how very much I still didn’t Love myself until I made a deep commitment to Love everyone else.

That’s what turned the tide for me.
I began to complain less and have more patience.
I began to judge less and have more compassion.
This cleared room in my heart (ACIM calls our heart the altar) for me to truly Love without conditions.

The more I was loving other people, extending compassion, patience and kindness, the more I actually FELT the Love of God, which is what I AM. 

Love is my true identity, and when I am extending Love, I am loving myself by living in my true identity.

ACIM says it this way:  To have, give all to all.

To have Love give all to all.

I used to withhold Love, patience, kindness and compassion.
I believed people didn’t deserve my Love.
I punished them by withholding Love from them.

I wish I’d known that I was depriving myself of feeling that Love, and the healing that it brings.

You see, for DECADES I felt that I was searching for a secret code to unlock the spiritual growth I was looking for.  I had no idea that Self-Love IS that secret code.  I didn’t get it.  I was too busy judging and complaining.

Once I decided to Love without conditions, everything began to accelerate for me.  Truly, the scales fell from my eyes and where I once was blind, I now could see.

And that’s why when my intuition guided me to start Masterful Living, a year-long program to accelerate spiritual awakening, I overcame my resistance to the commitment and I said YES to being of service in this way.

There are so many testimonials from folks in Masterful Living that touch my heart deeply.  One of the ones that thrills me to the core is from someone who was in a very challenged marriage.  I’ll call him Pete for the sake of this story.  Pete basically felt a near hatred for his spouse.  They’d been together for more than 30 years and Pete was ready to end the marriage, but didn’t quite know how.

At the time, Pete worked from home.  He got relief when his spouse left the house every day to go to work, or travelled on weekends for business.  Then, his spouse’s work shifted and they began working from home and no longer traveling.  They were both home 24/7.  

This was Pete’s worst nightmare.  

BUT Pete was already in Masterful Living when this change happened.
Pete had already made a commitment to remembering how to love without conditions.  

When his spouse’s job changed, Pete took at as a challenge to his mind to see if he could be truly willing to be truly loving no matter what.  

It wasn’t easy.  Not at all.
In fact, it was the hardest thing he ever did.

Within a year, Pete had come back to himself, and his heart, and was FULLY and completely “in Love” with his spouse again.  The hatred dissolved, because it wasn’t about the other person, it was about Pete’s thoughts about his spouse.  

Pete was delighted and giddy in Love again.  
He was renewed and restored, beyond anything he ever imagined was possible.

And he was SO grateful he didn’t give up.

Most people begin these practices of truly LIVING A Course in Miracles, as we do in Masterful Living, fully convinced it cannot possibly work for them.  But they just can’t do nothing for another year.  They have to at least try.

And then, lo and behold, it does work for them.
Often, the ones who are the most surprised and happy are the folks who have been studying ACIM for more than 5 years.  

Like Pete, truly living ACIM was the hardest thing I ever did too.  

And that’s why it’s so important to me to offer encouragement to others so they don’t give up just before the miracle.

In my Masterful Living program we don’t judge and we don’t give advice.  We focus on cultivating an authentic and powerful willingness to transform the small mindedness, the attack thoughts and the self-criticism.  It’s thrilling to see how much benefit it brings.  When we transform our lives bit by bit, we can make huge progress in just one year.  We can go from hopeless to inspired.  

And then we can be an inspiration to others.  And that’s a Real blessing that we get to share with our family, our friends, our community and the world!  All spiritual students would like to be an inspiration to others.  It’s such a good feeling to ignite someone’s willingness and support them in seeing that it really can work for them too.

Along the way, we discover that Self-Love happens, and so does spiritual awakening.

The belief that it can’t work for us falls away and most people become so inspired they begin to help others do the same thing they did.  After having felt helpless and hopeless for so long,  It’s exciting to be able to share something that actually works!

Are you ready for Self-Love to change your experience of life?
If so, join me today in my Self-Love Workshop!

Registration for my year-long program, Masterful Living Program, is open only for 1 more week.  You can talk with a spiritual counselor to see if it’s right for you right now. There’s no charge. Click here now to book a free Exploratory Call.

AND if you register for Masterful Living 2022 there are SO MANY bonuses!  I’m READY to rock this new year and make it our best year ever.  I’m taking out the mental trash, the emotional clutter and stepping into the Light.  Please join us.  This is the best offering I’ve ever made!

We’re walking the talk, we’re living the Love and we’re rising above!

This year, we’re being the change we’d like to see by opening our hearts to Love like never before.  The pandemic cannot stop us from being loving.  Love is our healer.  Love is our focus.

If you’re interested in Masterful Living, but not sure, book an appointment with a spiritual counselor now to see if it’s right for you. There’s no charge to have an Exploratory Call, but hurry, because this is the last week to register! Click here now to book a free Exploratory Call.

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