We Are Blessed

February 1, 2022

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There’s a wonderful gift we can give ourselves.  It’s the gift of being able to maintain our equilibrium no matter what.  I’m not there 100%, but I’m getting there.  

It’s good to aspire to live in the consciousness we’d like to reside in.  That way we can keep our eye on the prize and see ourselves getting every closer to maintaining it.

Heaven is at hand for those who wish it, and it’s elusive for those who feel unworthy.  That’s why we place our attention on feeling worthy of the Love that we are.  

Instead of focusing on our feeling UNworthy, we focus on our feeling more and more worthy.  

The great thing is that no matter whether we feel lovable or unlovable, worthy or unworthy, all are worthy.  

And all are already loved.  We are the Beloved of the Beloved – that’s our permanent relationship status. 

When I’m willing to see others as the Beloved also, then I’m able to more clearly see it in myself.

I remember being on a retreat with Jean Houston who told a story about Mother Theresa, who saw the face of her beloved (Jesus) in everyone she met.  Jean asked Mother Theresa how she could be so loving and she answered that it was because her beloved loved her so much, and she saw his face in each person.

That may seem extraordinary, but I remember reading that one of the reasons why Mother Theresa became a nun was because she realized she had so much anger that she needed to learn how to dissolve it.

We find interesting motivations to lead us back to our Higher Holy Spirit Self.  Many of us are pushed by the pain of the darkness we perceive inside ourselves.  It pushes us to look for the Light of Christ within.

Fortunately, when we seek the Kingdom within, we will find it if we’re truly willing.

We’re blessed, we always have been and we always will be.

We are all blessed with the Love of our Creator.

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