Trust In Spirit Brings Peace

March 29, 2022

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In every single, blessed moment we’re placing our trust and faith in something – and either it’s Spirit/Love or it’s our ego opinions and judgments.  And that’s how it is all day long, every day.  

When we place our faith in Spirit, wonderful things happen.

There’s Peace, that’s pretty wonderful.

When we place our faith in our perceptions, it’s a bit hairy.  

We can tell what our faith is in by how we feel.

Life gives us so many amazing opportunities to decide where we’ll place our trust and faith and to see what happens as a result.  

A couple of years ago, I was flying from Santa Barbara, CA to Newark, with a brief layover in Los Angeles.  My flight from Santa Barbara was delayed.  We got out on the tarmac and were there for about 45 minutes (the amount of time that I had to make my connection in Los Angeles) and after the long wait the pilot actually opened and closed the door and that fixed the issue.  After the paperwork was filled out we left for LAX.

On the plane, there was a man behind me who was making the same connection to the Newark flight.  Check this out – our flight landed at about 11:50am and the Newark flight had a takeoff time of 12:15.  We both had to wait for our roller bags to come up from underneath before we could run to the next plane.  By then, it was 15 minutes to make the connection, and the gate was a good 10 to 15 minute walk.  They didn’t give us any transportation.  I had 2 heavy carryons with me.  

The man behind me said we’ll never make it.  I said, well, they might wait for us.  The United Airlines attendant said they probably wouldn’t.  The man said he was going straight to the customer service counter, and, knowing that the next flight to Newark was in 2 hours, I made a beeline for the Newark flight gate.

It was a bit of a struggle to get myself there with my heavy bags, but I would rather get to Newark at 9pm then after 11pm.  

On the way there, I could here them calling my name as soon as I got to that terminal, but it was still a long walk to the gate.  As I walked up, they asked if I was Jennifer Hadley and I said, yes, and they said, “hurry!  You might make it!”  But they had just closed the door and sealed it.  Still, the gate attendant called to see if they’d open it.  He was very optimistic, but the people around the gate – the other professionals seemed to think that he was out of his mind.  

Guess what?  They opened the door.  

The United gate employees were saying things like “that never happens.”

Here’s the thing:  I was happy either way.   

If I had 2 hours in the airport, I was going to have a nice lunch and enjoy myself.  If I got on the plane, I’d make due with whatever snacks I could get on the plane and deal with the fact that my luggage might not make it on the plane and it would have to be delivered.  

I’ve really learned to allow the highest and best to be revealed to me and I get there through placing my trust in Spirit.

I’ve learned to trust that things are working together for my good.  I can feel supported by everything if I choose it.

My bags came with me.  They were on the carousel when I got to baggage claim.  I jumped in a Lyft and made it to my brother’s in time to enjoy a couple of hours with family before heading to bed.

I was relaxed the whole way.

And I was grateful.  

I’ve learned to feel blessed no matter what.  

And that’s a blessing too – it’s not all fun, but it is ALL for my good, and this I know now.  I’m so grateful.  Peace comes when we trust in Spirit.


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