Let’s Rise UP!

April 2, 2022

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There’s a gift we’ve been given and it is the Holy Spirit’s vision of our holiness, and the holiness of all life. To see with his vision there’s only one requirement and it’s that we’re willing to see ONLY with this vision.

This means we must give up all of our attachments to see the world that we have made up.

In other words, must relinquish our attachments, our mental and emotional attachments, to our opinions and judgments about the world and everything in it, and everything that’s not in the world too.  

It’s a tall order, but it’s worth it and our willingness is all that’s required.

In this time of so much turmoil and unrest in the world, we can hold in our mind that something extraordinary, something magnificent, something truly inspiring is unfolding even though it may not FEEL like it.

If we’re willing to see it the vision of holiness will be given to us.  

Easter is 2 weeks from tomorrow.  What better time to cultivate a vision of holiness?  There is none.  Now is the appointed and perfect time.  

Let us decide to see our true reality with the Holy Spirit’s vision.  And let’s put the Holy Spirit in charge of making sure it happens.

“The song of Easter is the glad refrain the Son of God was never crucified.  Let us lift up our eyes together, not in fear but faith.  And there will be no fear in us, for in our vision will be no illusions; only a pathway to the open door of Heaven, the home we share in quietness and where we live in gentleness and peace, as one together.”  A Course in Miracles, T-20.II.8.

We cannot place our faith in Spirit while simultaneously holding onto a grievance or a grudge.

It’s time for us to really understand this basic fact.  

Let us place onto the altar of God’s Love for us all grievances and grudges.  There’s no greater gift we could give to Jesus this Easter, than to be willing to relinquish all of our grievances and grudges to him for healing.  

Let’s do it!  Let’s be that generous!  Let’s be that willing!  

Let’s leave them on the altar and offer them up PERMANENTLY, never take them back and simply be grateful.

To be peace-full, to live a vision of holiness, to be happy, we must be willing to relinquish all grievances.  

Today’s the perfect day to double down and deepen our commitment to relinquish all attack thoughts and live in Freedom.  We’re cultivating a vision of holiness that raises us up and liberates our brothers and sisters too!


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