A Life I Love

June 27, 2022

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Yesterday, in our Sundays With Spirit online Sunday Service we had kironJ Gardner as our speaker.  Her sharing really inspired me and I spoke about how I discovered what I never would have imagined to be true.

For a very long time I believed that if I said, “thy will be done,” It would mean that I’d have to give up many of the things I enjoyed because Spirit would “take them away.”  

I learned that it’s just the opposite.

The things I thought Spirit would take away haven’t been removed from my life – things like sensual pleasures, of all kinds, I don’t have to give them up.  I can actually enjoy them even more now.

The things that led to my pain and suffering have largely been lifted off of me.  

I don’t worry much at all.

I have little doubt or fear.

I feel led, guided and protected.

Things have ONLY improved and the things that I’ve gratefully given up have become uninteresting and undesirable to me.  

I didn’t give them up because Spirit made me.

For instance, I quit smoking.

I’ve actually quit smoking three times in my life.

The third time was the easiest. I just stopped because I no longer enjoyed cigarettes and I didn’t want them.  It was no sacrifice, there was no craving to be endured.  

It just lifted off of me.

I wouldn’t have guessed that by deciding to be Spirit led life would become more enjoyable in EVERY way.

I feel it’s important to talk about it because I don’t think people believe it’s real.

The only things I’ve given up are the things I didn’t like or want – like feeling unworthy.  Gone.  

What would you like to give up?

Would you be wiling to say, “thy will be done?”

In other words, are you willing to live a life you truly LOVE?


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