No Dirty Feet, Please!

June 26, 2022

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The first play I fell in love with was William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  At age 9, I loved everything about it, and especially the great speeches.  The language is so beautiful and memorable to me.  When I think about how obsessed I became with the story at such a young age, it seems very odd to me.  

Now, I can see that it is, fundamentally, a story about Love, conditional and unconditional.  It’s about separation and the cost of any kind of hatred or prejudice.  It’s about Self-forgiveness and non-judgment. 

My parents loved going to the theatre to see plays.  They would take me to plays and other events they thought that I’d enjoy.  I was fortunate that we lived in Rhode Island and my parents could get season tickets to Trinity Rep theatre in Providence.  They did wonderful productions of new plays as well as classics.

I really enjoy stories and storytelling.  I love plays, movies, and many television shoes.  I enjoy seeing things acted out.  Partly it’s because I really love humanity and the beauty of each person’s journey.  

These days, sometimes I’ll check out a TV show that’s very popular, hoping that I’ll love it too.  When I find the characters take many things personally and blame each other for their upsets, I tune out.  The blame game’s not interesting anymore.  

I’d like to live in a world without projection.  A world where folks take responsibility for how they feel and don’t blame anyone.  I’m working on it in myself, every day.

Last year we did a series of classes on parenting with Spirit.  One of the things that a parent in the program brought to our attention is how many of the Disney shows for kids and teens have characters that are mean and sarcastic.  I thought about it, and it makes sense that having more adult, sarcastic characters would give some humorous bits for the parents.  Still, the children watching are noticing what their parents like and find funny and make a note of it.

I’m a huge fan of TikTok and I love the creative expression I find there.  If you look at it for a little while and are careful about what you like, you’ll start to have a feed that is very inspiring and interesting.  I see the most beautiful and creative things from people of all ages and ethnicity.  It’s impressive.  I find things that make me go “hmmm” and things that wow me as well as things that are just beautiful.  

I also get a certain amount of humor.  Every now in then there’s a video of a child using the F word or being sarcastic and it has a tone of likes because people find it funny.  It’s not that it’s wrong, but I don’t find it funny.  

But, I must confess, that sometimes adults being super sarcastic, with a biting and clever with (like on the shows VEEP, and The Larry Sanders Show) can make me laugh out loud.  Still, children acting like sarcastic and rude adults isn’t funny to me, but I understand why others like it.  

It seems as if many of us have become inured to the sarcasm, rudeness, unkindness, blame and shame that is so casually offered up as entertaining or admirable each and every day.  I don’t have children, but if I did, I’d like to teach them that being kind is more fun and more beneficial.

Mahatma Gandhi is one of my favorite teachers.  He said, “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”

As Gandhi invited us to be, we can be the change we’d like to see in the world, retain our humor, and have fun and I’m for that!  

Remembering to laugh is good medicine – especially when the choice is between that and being offended or hurt.


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