I Am Determined to Love

July 23, 2022

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A Course in Miracles teaches us that the way to rise above pain and suffering and experience ALL the good that life has to offer is to take responsibility for how we see things.  This is the promise offered to us in the Responsibility For Sight section that I’ve found so helpful.  

Since I’ve realized how true those words are, I have been looking for more clarity about how I see things.  

“I am determined to see.”  ACIM Lesson 20

I am determined to see, and I’m determined to remember the truth that sets me free.

I used to find 50 reasons a day that I was failing at being spiritually successful.  I felt I was missing the mark all day long.  

And that was actually helpful to me.

Because every time I failed, I had the opportunity to judge myself for it or to Love myself.

I learned to stop judging and start loving in a concerted and determined way.  

I became determined to Love.

And be loving.

I learned a new habit.

That habit was being loving to myself.

I developed the willingness to go the other way 50 times a day.

Taking responsibility for my thoughts about things and how that made me feel was liberating.

“All thought produces form at some level.”  

Initially, I felt burdened by having to be so mindful in order to be successful – but then, I began to see and feel the benefit.  I began to recognize the results – liberation, Peace, Freedom, Joy.

And then I was willing to be willing.  I felt my resistance dissolve.

I became more and more eager to make each day a liberation day.

Let’s make today a liberation day!

You can still join me. Stinking’ thinking’ and this kind of self-sabotage is why I created my End My Self-Sabotage Challenge that starts July 20th – the first week is free.  I cannot tell you what a great gift it was to give myself – to liberate from that pattern of darkness that ran so much of my life and my choices was worth everything I put into it.  I wish I had any clue a decade sooner that I could really break free.  I would have gone for it if I’d known.  Check out this breakthrough program and see how you can benefit!


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