Learning Through Contrast

July 15, 2022

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This is the world where duality seems so real.  Separation seems to exist.  

And in this human experience, one of the things we’re consistently coming up against is a truly wonderful choice:

We can remember the truth, also known as learning, either through direct insight, or through experiencing contrast while slogging our way through the muck and mire to a realization of truth.

Here’s an example all too common for us spiritual students –

We develop a workable spiritual practice that we become dedicated to.  We see the miraculous results.  We feel SO MUCH better.  Relationships improve.  Health improves.  Finances improve, etc.  

We can really easily see and feel the benefits to our spiritual practice.  They’re so tangible.  It feels good!

Then we go on vacation for a couple of weeks, or we have a really intense time at work and we don’t have the time to focus on our spiritual practice.  It falls by the wayside.  We know our practice is important, and we enjoy it, so we plan to get back to it on the weekend, or on Monday, or next week, and then time passes and we don’t.  

A few more weeks go by or maybe months and then we’re depressed.  We feel bad.  It seems like we’re a failure, like we’re back where we started.  It seems like this spiritual practice stuff doesn’t really work for us.  

Why do we even bother?  It works for others, but not for us.  

Except it does work for us and we proved it. 

We just took a break – in order to prove to ourselves – through the contrast of the way we felt (good) when we practiced, and (bad) when we didn’t.  

We all experience contrast as a learning tool.

All of us.

Choosing to learn through contrast isn’t a failure – not even close – it’s just a path of remembering our divinity that’s more painful than direct insight.

We can have direct insights and avoid learning through the pain of contrast.

Let’s decide not to learn through contrast anymore.  

Let’s be willing to have direct insight, intuition and inspiration.  

This is what we’re born and designed to do.  Let’s do it.

Stinking’ thinking’ and this kind of self-sabotage is why I created my End My Self-Sabotage Challenge that starts July 20th – the first week is free.  I cannot tell you what a great gift it was to give myself – to liberate from that pattern of darkness that ran so much of my life and my choices was worth everything I put into it.  I wish I had any clue a decade sooner that I could really break free.  I would have gone for it if I’d known.  Check out this breakthrough program and see how you can benefit!


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