Sattva’s Getting Neutered

July 13, 2022

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Today I’m dropping off my little critter, my kitty, Sattva to be neutered.

 I found a clinic outside of Burlington, VT that does a whole bunch of cats at once.  He’ll be there all day and then we’ll pick him up to bring him home.

I’m not nervous or worried about him going through the procedure.  I’m concerned for his after-care with me and Bodhi at home.  I’m concerned,but I’m not worried.  I’m sure he’ll be fine, but I’m used to him and Bodhi playing very intensely together and Bodhi loves to groom him.  Sattva’s so little compared to Bodhi it’s very intense.

Bodhi’s favorite thing is to lick his butt.  So, I’ll have to monitor that for the next week or two.  I trust all will be fine.

I place my trust in Spirit.  

I enjoy living inside the A Course in Miracles “truly helpful” prayer, which I think of as MY PURPOSE prayer.  Here’s my version of it, slightly modified from the original.  

I am here only to be truly helpful.

I am here to represent the one who sent me.

I don’t have to wonder or worry about what to say, or what to do, when to go or where, because the one who sent me will direct me.

I am content to be where ever Spirit sends me, knowing God goes there with me.

I AM healed, and I let Spirit teach me to heal.

This applies to my dog, Bodhi, and my kitty, Sattva.  I don’t have to wonder or worry about how to care for them because Spirit will guide me, as it will guide them.

I’m so grateful for this.  

I place my trust in Spirit, in Life.

Things always go better when I trust in Spirit – they may not go the way I’d like them to, but I experience them with Peace when my trust is in God, in Love, in Light.

Please say a prayer and bless our experience.  Thank you!

Sattva loves a good nap!


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  • For Jennifer

    Prayers for a peaceful recovery for Sattva. Hopefully Bodhi will KNOW to be more gentle for a bit. It won’t take too long for a male to recover probably. Maybe give him an isolated place with food, water and litter and only check in on him with Bodhi while YOU are there also.

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