Why I’m a Love crusader

July 17, 2022

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When our thinking goes off the rails, and becomes obsessive – compulsive, a lot of us turn to distractions. It can be healthy or unhealthy depending on whether or not denial or Love is motivating us.  

Most people fall into self-medication at one time or another, and for some people it’s a very addictive and compulsive habit that is demoralizing self-sabotage that keeps us playing small and feeling shameful. Enough!!When our thoughts start to spiral in a way that’s causing fear and upset, many of us turn to self-medication to distract us and numb us.

There are many forms of self-sabotage and self-medication is one of the most intense. Getting released from the hamster wheel of self-medication and self-sabotage frees up SO MUCH ENERGY and we start to be able to succeed in ways we truly never dreamed possible.I never imagined I could overcome my cycles with self-medication.

I started over-eating and self-medicating when I was 13. I was overwhelmed by my feelings. I am an empath and a super-sensitive being in so many ways and being a teenager was too intense for me.

I’m absolutely certain that all the self-medication and self-sabotage that plagued me for decades was a result of being so sensitive, combined with this deep feeling that I was bad, and that something was wrong with me.

I got triggered ALL THE TIME because I was so judgmental. I attacked everything in my world and that just made me feel more bad, more wrong, more upset. I didn’t know what I was doing to myself.

This is why I am such a crusader for Self-Love.

Love is the ONLY HEALER in this world.

Love eliminates the unconscious guilt that causes our suffering.

A Course in Miracles tells us, “Each miracle is a gentle winning over from the appeal of guilt to the appeal of love.”

Trying to solve a problem with anything other than Love will result in delaying the healing.


We can claim our healing and we don’t have to wait. We can do this now!

Our willingness is all that’s required. Our willingness to make this shift will impact everyone around us. When we choose to be self-loving, we’re modeling it for everyone.

And that’s a blessing for all.

That’s why I started offering this End My Self-SabotageChallenge. We can do this deep work together and remember to laugh.  

I’m even offering daily spiritual practice LIVE on ZOOM with me. I’m giving this my all!

The first week is my gift to you!

And to your friends – We begin Wednesday July 20th – come join us – you’ll be in SUCH good company.

Doing the healing work that we’re doing in the 1st week of the challenge requires strength and courage. It’s no joke.

In the past, there’s been SO MUCH healing for those who participated – many are doing it again.

We can do this together and set ourselves free from the pain of repeating the patterns that perpetuate our suffering.

There are so many forms of self-medication and there’s one suited to each personality. Each one brings with it a bucket of shame.

Let’s clear out that old shame.

I’ve found that when we work on this issue together in community a lot of healing comes and we can actually let go long entrenched habits that most people spend a lifetime struggling with.

Accept my gift. Struggle no more!

Honestly, I never thought I’d get past the struggle with self-medication and self-sabotage, but I did – because of my spiritual practices.  And that’s what I’d like to share with you.  

End My Self-Sabotage Challenge

Starts this Wednesday, July 20
Get The Motivation & Support to Free Yourself
From Stinkin’ Thinking’ and Self-Medication So You Can Live A Life You Love!

The first week is FREE.


This challenge is about gaining awareness and becoming inspired. This is about motivation not information. Information isn’t healing, but expanded awareness is! Let’s get some expanded awareness together!!

Let’s gain awareness and become inspired to make some changes. Awareness is always curative.

Let’s gain the motivation to be more self-loving, to release shame and to open our hearts to having more energy to live a life we truly LOVE!

More Love in our life, isn’t that what we’d like to experience abundance of?

We’ll do it together! We’ll release the resistance and reluctance together. Let’s get that out of the way so we can get on with being truly helpful!

One of the most challenging aspects of my life was grappling with self-sabotage and self-medication.  That’s why I started doing my program to End My Self-Sabotage Challenge – we begin this Wednesday, July 20 – check out the details here.  First week is free. This is one of my best offers ever!


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