Give God the Credit

August 1, 2022

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Yesterday I had a conversation with someone I hadn’t seen in a long time.  They’re an acquaintance who knows only a little about my life and ministry.  They were asking me about how I structured the Power of Love Ministry and how I came up with some of the ideas for how we do things.

I told him, “I take no credit. These are not my ideas.  It’s all God.  It’s all download from the Higher Self.”

That’s not modesty.  It’s really how it is.

I get ideas, wonderful ideas, all the time, but I know the difference between my ideas and divine inspiration.  There are the ideas I have in my experience as a person with a personality and then there’s spiritual guidance.  

I’ve learned to ask for guidance and open to receive it and I find that’s the best way to live my life.  

It’s all about learning to trust inspiration and follow it.  That’s a skill we can learn and it makes a world of difference in how we live our life.

The more we release attachments to our perceptions, projections and opinions the more we can clearly open to receive divine inspiration.

Love = inspiration.

Our job is to surrender our attachments to the blocks to Love.  We can do it.  Willingness is all that’s required.

I don’t take credit for the beauty and the brilliance that flows through my life.

I give all the credit to Spirit – and, of course I AM that I AM.

Spirit is my life and being!

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