Awakening Joyfully

January 25, 2023

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One of my favorite quotes from A Course in Miracles is “rest does not come from sleeping, but from waking.”  When we remember that and contemplate what it means, it profoundly shifts our thinking and our life.

Life is extraordinary.  It’s such an intense time right now and so many people, are doing HUGE amounts of deep clearing of long held patterns of negativity.  If we don’t feel like that’s where we are personally, then let’s be a support to those that are.

Instead of criticizing folks who act in ignorant ways, let’s offer them a blessing.  All blessings lead to waking up.  Wouldn’t we like them to wake up?  Would that bring benefit to everyone?

Those who are resisting the great awakening are finding it increasingly difficult.

And we can change our own resistance to being willing in a moment if we wish to.  Making that choice makes it easier for everyone.

Now is the time of our liberation.  AND there’s so much support from the invisible for us. Whatever you do, don’t avoid the opportunity to heal the patterns!

I recall a night Spirit had me awake at 2:45am to start my healing day! What???

I’ve learned to be obedient, so I got up and started my spiritual practice. It was time to get my healing ON! What I’ve learned is that when I wake up in the middle of the night and I’m really AWAKE, it’s Spirit prompting me to take advantage of the stillness and to pray. I find that I don’t feel exhausted at all during the day after a night of prayer – just the contrary, I’m more clear, more focused, and more harmonious. Nice! 

Why? Effective spiritual practice is restorative!

When the patterns come up for healing it’s NO FUN, but when we let them go, then there’s a much higher capacity for fun and we experience a greater lightness of being!  

We can awaken if we’re really willing.  Waking up isn’t hard to do – unless we believe it is.  I’m done with thinking “I can’t.”  I’m interested in having fun while waking up!

Since I’ve dedicated my spiritual practice to healing a lot of negativity, I no longer need as much sleep as I used to. I used to really feel like I needed 9 hours a night. I think I needed the time to do the healing work in dreamtime. Now, 7 hours is usually plenty and sometimes it’s less. I usually don’t set an alarm. Spirit wakes me up when it’s time.  I wake up refreshed.

As I frequently tell people, spiritual practice saves time.  2 hours less sleep needed per night is fourteen hours a week.  That’s quite a lot of time saved.

I also love the part right before the quote from ACIM I started with – here it is:  

“I have assured you that the Mind that decided for me is also in you, and that you can let it change you just as it changed me.  This Mind is unequivocal, because it hears only one Voice and answers in only one way.  You are the light of the world with me.  Rest does not come from sleeping but from waking.”  A Course in Miracles T-5.II.10. 

We can let Love change us.  We can let Spirit lead us.  We can have profound healing.  We can live a Beautiful life we dearly Love.  Our willingness is all that is required.

Saturday, Feb 4th Online Workshop –  Eliminating Reluctance & Resistance.  
We all have resistance. We all have reluctance. The question is do we give into it and let it drag us down?  There are spiritual methods we can use that work to clear these blocks to Love.  Let’s eliminate all reluctance and resistance and celebrate the gift of life!

PODCAST:  The latest episode of my podcast’s topic is Body Beliefs: Obstacles to Peace – Part 6. We’re healing at the level of the mind, and it’s working!


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