Resistance Has No Power

February 3, 2023

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One of the craziest ego blocks I know of is when we have resistance and reluctance to our own happiness and healing. And yet, at least for me, it used to come up all the time.

It’s that feeling when I know there’s a better choice, a higher choice, I know exactly what it is, but I take the low road instead.  And then I feel guilty and bad for not having the strength to make that higher choice.  It’s that feeling of failure.

One of the things that helped me was to realize that the appearance of reluctance and resistance was actually EVIDENCE that I was healing. It was such an issue for me that I prayed for years to release all resistance to Love. Through my deepening practice, I learned that it’s better not to even get into a push-pull with the reluctance.

I’ve learned to say “I see you, resistance, and I know you’re nothing. I choose love.” I finally am more interested in choosing love than in playing games!

And this is why our spiritual practice is the key to our healing. Spiritual practice is where the rubber meets the road.

A true spiritual practice is a living thing – 24/7. Spiritual practice keeps us tuned in to our true nature and identity. It refreshes us and helps us to stay strong in the face of opportunities to engage in crippling self-sabotage.

It’s amazing how often people will run away from the very healing that they most deeply desire. The resistance to the healing is so strong and it almost feels like the resistance is magnetic and unbeatable. One of the most helpful realizations I’ve had along this path of light is that self-sabotage is a form of resistance. It’s a reaction.

Self-sabotage is what we do when our spiritual growth is faster than we feel comfortable with.

The very moment that you feel the pull to self-sabotage – that’s the ideal time to choose love. The more you develop the habit of choosing love, the more the self-sabotage loses it’s juice. Why? The bottom line is that it has no power.

There’s one power, and that’s the power of Love within us.

Resistance only has the appearance of power. And that appearance of power, that illusion of power is simplyyour belief in it. Withdraw our belief, disengage, and the resistance dissolves because it has to. It’s nothing unless we make it something.

TOMORROW Saturday, Feb 4th Online Workshop –  Eliminating Reluctance & Resistance.  

We all have resistance.  We all have reluctance.  The question is do we give into it and let it drag us down?

There are spiritual methods we can use that work to clear these blocks to Love.  Let’s eliminate all reluctance and resistance and celebrate the gift of life!

Because spiritual practice is the thing that so many of us resist, I offer daily prayers and daily inspiration so we can be in practice together. Thank you for saying YES to LOVE!

PODCAST: The latest episode of my podcast’s topic is Attraction of Pain: Obstacles to Peace – Part 7. We’re healing at the level of the mind, and it’s working!


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