Walking Towards The Light

February 7, 2023

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When I was around 25 years old I discovered spirituality.  In a sense, it began when my mother suggested I read Shirley Maclaine’s book Out On A Limb.  To me, that book resonated with so much truth.  I was hungry for what it offered.

I was inspired to go to Peru with friends and to trek to Machu Picchu.  It was a life-changing trip for me.  At that time I began to feel the call to be in spiritual community.  I had a yearning to be in groups with other like-minded souls working towards our awakening.  

At that time, I wasn’t really finding other groups to join, so I began starting them even though I had no idea what I was doing.   I felt compelled.  I had such a strong desire to connect and share.

For the longest time I didn’t feel worthy of following my passion for spirituality.  I didn’t really know how to become a spiritual teacher, but, obviously, I’ve found my way.

What I know is that I had a burning passion and through my willingness to take one step, then another, I was guided to life I have now.  I let the passion lead me.

In a sense I was following the Light, walking towards the Light of my own being.

One of the great gifts of my life is to now support others who feel that same impetus.  

Like me, many of them don’t feel worthy.

And still, we ARE worthy.

They have a calling and when they answer it they are given everything they need to be successful, if they’re willing.

It’s truly wonderful to see!  It’s Self-Love being realized.

Do you feel a calling you’d like to feel worthy of?  Is lack of Self-Love holding you back?

Extraordinary healing happens in our community because of the level of support we offer each other. Receiving that Love is an act of Self-Love.  I’ve never experienced anything like what I see in this Masterful Living community.  It’s truly miraculous.

And that’s why I’m re-opening Masterful Living registration for 1 week only! 

If you’re SO READY to make a change and don’t know quite how, if you have any inkling that TRULY living A Course in Miracles would heal your life, your relationships and your body, we may be the community for you.  

There’s so much support, from like-minded folks around the world.  New friends await you.  Prayer partners.  And a heck of a lot more.

Trust your intuition and book an exploratory call now to talk with a spiritual counselor – get all your questions answered, so you can know if Masterful Living is the thing for you this year.  Let this be the year your spiritual practice transforms your life in ways that you never thought possible.

My grandmother used to say, “you can get used to hanging if you hang long enough,” and it’s true.  I had been hanging a long time before I had my breakthrough.

If you don’t see a clear path to happiness ahead of you, we may be your ticket to a happier life.  You’ll do the work, but at least you’ll know what to do, and have mighty companions to do it with.  It’s a profound act of Self-Love.

Each one of us absolutely CAN realize that the Spirit is COMPLETELY holding us.  We cannot fail if we ask, listen and allow the guidance to flow in our heart.  Cultivating trust and faith is an investment that pays the REST OF YOUR LIFE.  Prayer is an investment in Spirit that always pays miraculous dividends.

I am grateful for this path of healing that we’re on and our ability to develop a spiritual practice that actually heals!  Onward and upward, together we rise in Love!

Thank you for saying YES to LOVE!

SUNDAY, Feb 12th Online Workshop –  Self-Love: 6 Simple Steps for Self-Healing.  
If you’d like to have more Love in your life, start with yourself.  Just in times for Valentine’s Day – let’s have a love fest together!  This is a BONUS for everyone in Masterful Living this year.  

PODCAST: The latest episode of my podcast’s topic is Attraction of Pain: Obstacles to Peace – Part 7. We’re healing at the level of the mind, and it’s working!


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