I Made It Back Home

March 16, 2023

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I made it back to Vermont.  I feel very grateful that I was able to get on a flight late Wednesday and only had to spend one night at the hotel in Washington, DC.  

See, United had only 2 flights a day direct to Burlington from DC.  I didn’t want to get stuck somewhere else, so I was planning on one of those 2 direct flights.  

Yesterday morning I was contemplating the fact that there were about 20 standbys and 5 waitlisted ahead of me on a flight that sat about 100 people.  It didn’t feel very likely I’d get on that plane at midday.  Spirit was nudging me to get active and see what other options there were.  

Even though I’d been told the day before there were no seats on the later flight yesterday, I kept feeling like their might be.

I knew there was a later flight so I thought I’d see if a ticket could be bought, and yes, there was a seat.  So, I called United Airlines and asked if they could give it to me in exchange for my cancelled flight.  45 minutes on hold later, I had my seat.  Phew!  I really didn’t wish to spend one more day in that hotel.

Five or six years ago I was traveling back from Maine to New Jersey and got stuck in a hotel en route for a few days because of a snow storm.  No repeats please!

I’m also glad I didn’t take people’s advice and rent a car or fly to New Jersey and rent a car.  I might have gotten home even later!

My faith in Spirit made it clear – don’t figure it out, just allow yourself to be guided.

Everything about traveling home was easy peasy.  I got to the airport early.  There were no lines.  The flight was uneventful, which is just how I like them.  I got to Vermont expecting mountains of snow everywhere, but it wasn’t particularly bad at all.  The roads were completely cleared.  

At my house there was 2 feet of snow.  My pet sitter hadn’t shoveled things, which is understandable, so I got a really good hour of exercise shoveling and playing with the fur babies in the snow.  That was actually quite enjoyable after a day completely indoors.

One thing I realized on this trip is how much it affects me to be indoors a lot, and how much I don’t like being in the city anymore except for a bit of fun.  I really notice the energetic difference with all the wifi and radio waves in the kinds of places where I was.  I feel like my ears are still vibrating with all of those sounds that are not quite audible.

I’ve become so accustomed to the clear mountain air and energy here in this sacred valley.  I feel truly blessed and grateful that Spirit led me here.

I’m grateful for ease and grace even when things are challenging.

I was SO very happy to be home with Bodhi and Sattva again.  I’m grateful I enjoy my home so much!

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