Love Reboots Us

March 10, 2023

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What’s the greatest feeling in the world?  For me, it’s when I can feel that my experience of Love is true, honest and full-on.  That’s what I call, being in the flow of Love.  

It’s so wonderful when we ALLOW ourselves to simply Love someone without condition, without opinion, without control and manipulation.

It’s thrilling to be able to share a gift of Love and have ZERO attachments, and to feel that gift is fully accepted in the way it was intended. When someone is open to receiving the Love we share – that’s the best!  That’s a pure experience of Love connection.

One of the things I used to notice all the time was that I would feel either reluctant to express Love, or resistant to receive Love.  Many of us have frequent experiences of feeling that Love has strings attached, or that someone is giving us something with conditions.  If we truly desire to have healthy relationships and move out of co-dependency then it can feel icky to be in a conditional, giving to get relationship situation.

Our true nature is to BE the Love that is available to be expressed and revealed, felt and shared NOW.  It can take getting used to, and it’s SO worth it!

I invite you to practice noticing when you feel a resistance or reluctance to be in the free flow of Love and to open your awareness to the highest choice that is available to you.  This is how we transform the old patterns of history and ancestry and move into the fullest experience of Love that’s available to us NOW.  It takes a willingness to have a new experience and not know exactly how it’s going to go NOW.  

In this way, we learn to trust LOVE itself.  We learn how to BE the Loving expression of our Divinity, NOW.

Love reboots the circuits and purifies the inner pathways.

Gratitude opens the flow of good.  Forgiveness opens the flow of prosperity.

This year, let’s make the commitment to be willing to have a new experience every day – to cultivate a sense of security that comes from BEING our true selves, rather than being protective and defensive.  I’m with you. Let’s do it together.  

I’m grateful that I can have a new experience of Love and experience a healing.  I share the benefits with all beings, so grateful to be One with ALL.  That’s greatness!

I AM One with the One who Invented Love.  My story is a Love story!

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