Shame Is the Lowest Vibrational Thought

March 21, 2023

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Shame is the lowest vibrational thought – at least according to the brilliant David Hawkins, author of Power vs. Force.

I think we can all agree that shame is the worst feeling, but it’s just a smidge away from guilt.  

I’ve come to realize that most of the time when there’s intense guilt there’s also shame and vice versa.  They seem to go together like manure and stink.  

Interestingly, shame and guilt can often be motivators to make us think, “there must be a better way.”  I’m not sure I’d call them inspiration, but they’re definitely motivators.

When we’re actively sabotaging ourselves, feeling guilty and ashamed, it becomes uncomfortable.  And that’s actually incredibly helpful.  That discomfort means we’re not completely sleep walking.  

If we can feel the discomfort we can be awake to the need to change our stinking thinking.

For me, I felt so guilty for all the ways I sabotaged myself.  And that guilt was so intolerable I would self-medicate to dull my feelings.  

That self-medication would increase my sense of guilt and add on a dump truck full of shame.  I kept cycling in those patterns for many, many years.  That’s why I talk about it frequently, and many people thank me for not pretending that never happened.

I learned so much from my experience that now I have no regrets.  I don’t feel like anyone really helped me break out of it because I was far too ashamed to tell anyone what was going on.  Spiritual people don’t get caught in a mess like that for DECADES.  

But I did.

And it didn’t actually make me any less spiritual at all.

I know that now, but I didn’t know it then.

I felt like a fraud.

I’m so glad to know that we can rise up out of that mess much more quickly than we imagine.  

To have the healing we desire we must be willing to bring the darkness to the light and have a new experience.  

It helps if we can do it together.

But even if you intend to go it alone, it can still be done.  Don’t ever give up on Spirit.  Spirit will never give up on us because Spirit is what we are.  We are perfect Love, already free, already as holy as holy can be.

SATURDAY:  I’m offering my End My Self-Sabotage Challenge.  The first week is free!  If you’d like to find a way to give up painful patterns of obsessive compulsive defend and attack thoughts and the self-medication that we often use to dull ourselves to get some relief, if you’d like to fast track the release of habits of guilt and shame, that’s what we’re doing.  First week is free – my gift to you!

If you’re a secret smoker, if you isolate and self-medicate with food or alcohol and then feel ashamed and filled with self-judgment; if you’re aware that you keep sabotaging yourself, please consider joining in this beautiful program with a group of like-minded souls who’re remembering to laugh and truly healing these pain patterns.  Together, we can get it done!

LATEST PODCAST EPISODE:  The most recent episode of my podcast’s topic is Does Darkness Have Power? Sometimes we become afraid of what we perceive as darkness within ourselves or others.  There’s no such thing as darkness within us, no matter how dark our thoughts might seem.  We are not our thoughts!

THURSDAY:  FREE forgiveness workshop! Forgiveness is so healing it’s hard to believe how beneficial it is until you’re willing to really dive in.  I’ve worked with so many people that have had healing at all levels simply because of the forgiveness they did.  It works whether we believe it will or not.  It’s miraculous.


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