Good Friday

April 7, 2023

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Today’s Good Friday, and when I think of Jesus’ life, I think of all the good that he’s inspired people to do, and continues to inspire us.

For me, this day is a good day to look around our lives and see if there’s anything we can do for our neighbors and people we know – especially those who might actually need some support, but who wouldn’t ask for it.

I’m very blessed to be connected with many, many people.  And I get to hear how much little kindnesses mean to people, especially older folks who live on their own.  

Sometimes we don’t realize that people don’t have close friends and family.  Those of us who have lots of friends, family and community around us really don’t know what it can be like for people who were raised in abusive homes, then had disappointing relationships and struggles emotionally.

A lot more people than we realize have difficult relationships with their grown children.  A surprising number of people rarely talk with their children or are estranged from them.  It can be deeply challenging and there’s no one to really talk about it with.

One of the benefits of the spiritual practices we do in the Power of Love Ministry is that people have family healing, emotional healing and mental healing in addition to physical and financial healing.  

Family healing is a beautiful thing and we can call it forth and bring it forth for our whole family if we’re willing.

We have a sacred opportunity to BE the blessing in many people’s lives and in turn, we’re blessed with a multitude of blessings.  

We can’t out give God, the good we share is always given back to us, but that’s not the reason for us to look for ways to share the good in our lives, and in our hearts.  

For me, I like to share just because I can.  I feel grateful that I have some to share and I can share without worry of ever being depleted.  Spirit won’t allow it when we come from Love.  

When we’re sharing Love, there’s always more to share.  When we share for the purpose of getting something in return, we’re not in the flow of Love, and we’re actually affirming that we have to manipulate things or we’ll live in lack.

By sharing the Love, we’re remembering our true identity, and that our very nature is Abundance.  We can give because we’re always being given to.  

Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life, and have it more abundantly.”  He came to help us really understand, there is no death, there’s eternal life and that’s the ultimate Abundance!  Sharing the Love, extending it, is undoing the ego thought system and living in the Christ mind.  This is our purpose.

If you’re interested in learning more about what I share about prayer, you can check out my Prayer Power class that starts Monday, April 17!  Click here now to learn more now. Prayer is a power tool.  Asking for assistance is different than prayer.

NEW PODCAST EPISODE!  The most recent episode of my podcast’s topic is The Function of Time. We can use time for our good rather than let it get us down and complain about not enough.


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