The Power of Allow

April 11, 2023

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I’ve been studying and teaching about prayer for decades and it’s been one of the most fulfilling thing in my life.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving some more.  

In all these years of uncovering the power of prayer in my life, one of the things I’ve seen is that some Prayer Practitioners feel as though they can easily pray and offer support to others in their lives but their own prayers don’t work for themselves.  One of the reasons I see for that is that they aren’t really allowing the prayer to be realized.  

Sometimes we can pray a powerful prayer and then when the doubt comes we’re more invested in that than the prayer.

We just don’t have the faith and the trust.  Our mind is inconsistent.

Now, I’d venture to say that’s where most of us begin.  If we’re willing to venture into consistency, and watch the thoughts of doubt arise in the mind, like bubbles arising to the surface of a lake, without giving them any significance and without giving them any meaning.

The way to heal doubt is to practice trust.  Trust is a moment by moment practice until we really build that muscle.  Doubt is the sign that there’s weakness in the mind, and that’s not a flaw, that’s simply an area to be strengthened.

When we go to the gym and we find we can’t lift the weight we’d like to do, or we can’t do the number of sit ups we’d like to do it doesn’t mean we’re flawed, or a failure, it simply means there’s more training for us to do.  That’s how it is with trust and faith.  

When there’s doubt, we practice trust in order to cultivate a strong faith, a knowing.

Doubt is simply evidence that we’re more convinced of our beliefs than we are of the truth.  

This too shall pass.  Our willingness to practice is all that’s required.

With prayer, as I like to say, “we don’t have to figure out how, our job is to allow.”  

When we’re impatient, we don’t allow.  We doubt.  

The time to allow is now!

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