Allowing and Having

May 29, 2023

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I’m a big Rolling Stones fan for decades.  I’ve followed them on tour, and I’ve seen them so many times over the years.   I always loved the song You Can’t Always Get What You Want and now I have a whole new understanding of that phrase.  I love the song, but not the wanting!  

If you’re interested in manifesting a life with more ease, grace, Love, fun, Freedom, Prosperity and Abundance, then let me just say, it is SO much easier than you can imagine.  TRULY!  

A Course in Miracles tells us, “ALL healing is at the level of the mind.”  And that reminds us that it’s an inside job.  Our healing is never dependent on what’s happening in the world.  Never!

So, let’s get on with our healing!

#1 – when we affirm that we want or need something, we’re actually affirming that we don’t have it and we’re pushing it away on an energetic level.  I encourage you to release the words WANT and NEED from your usage.  Rock your healing!  

Yes, it’s true, you can’t always get what you want.  And giving up wanting for having makes life far more enjoyable.

#2 – Usually most people who experience lack think of what they want, and then feel bummed out because they don’t have it. Hence, the experience of lack.  The feeling of lack comes from affirming lack and blocks their receiving it.  Additionally by affirming a belief that they can’t have it, they don’t deserve it, or that it’s hard to get, it begins to feel further and further away.

I use this phrase:  I’d like to …

And then I let it rest in the mind of the infinite.  Intentionally, I don’t start figuring out how to get it.  I allow what is my highest and best to come to me or for me to be led to it.  It’s actually an incredibly simple practice!  Try it, you’ll like it!  It’s effective AND it’s easy.  You won’t believe it until you start to REALLY practice it.  When you do begin to really practice it you’ll start to realize just HOW TEMPTING it is to cancel out your desire with thoughts of lack and limitation.  Be mindful!

I can’t tell you how many people will defend their lack and limitation.  I share what I’ve learned and they immediately jump in with “yes, but you don’t understand my situation …”  

Then they explain how the world of effects is organized to defeat their abundance.

The world of effects is a projection of our thoughts and beliefs.  How can the world possibly be the cause of ANYTHING?

Realizations like this one are the DIRECT result of spiritual practice.

That’s why my offerings are all about clearing out the hidden negative habits and applying the practical tips and tools that really make a difference in the quality of our lives.  

Would you like support to shift your thinking and your life?

Living ACIM and practicing deeply while remember to laugh is what our Change Your Mind About Your Body Program is all about.  It’s about breaking the habit of believing we’re a body, and believing that we’re not good enough to be loved.  It’s about getting to the root cause of our suffering over our bodies.

Starts TODAY, Monday, May 29:  If changing your mind about your body is of interest, check out our new program – Change Your Mind About Your Body using A Course in Miracles principles – this is a 5 month program with a long list of great ACIM teachers including Alan Cohen, Lisa Natoli, Gary Renard, Jon Mundy, Bill Free, Cindy Lora Renard, Corinne Zupko and more!

Follow your guidance, and if Spirit leads you to join us I will be happy to welcome you! No matter what, we remember that we’re entitled to miracles.

Join me for an adventure in Europea CAMINO WALK in October:  If you’re interested in learning more about my Camino adventure and joining me in Portugal and Spain. Click here now for more info.  Early bird ends on Wednesday, May 31st!

LATEST PODCAST EPISODE!  The most recent episode of my podcast’s topic is The Cost of Specialness. There are so many hidden ways that we invest in specialness and then pay the price with suffering. Let’s bring awareness and heal the causes of our pain.


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