Remembering to Laugh Is Healing

May 23, 2023

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Years ago I had an experience that was a great example of old patterns coming up for healing in the most mundane way.  It happened in pilates class. I’d arrived a few late.  Something about it triggered an old pattern of feeling that I was bad and wrong.  

So, then ego bounced right away into a defensive posture – I became the attacker attacking myself for having done something “wrong” and then I was defending myself against the imagined attacker.  I was at war within my ego identity.  Oh, boy!

In my defensiveness I was not slipping into the class and doing what everyone else was doing, instead, I had to do things a bit differently and tell myself, “it doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing.  I can do my own thing.”  I did that for a moment and then realized I wasn’t interested in that old pattern.  I put down my weight, dropping it onto the floor, and right on top of my glasses which broke.  And finally, I remembered to laugh.  

I’m glad that I cannot get too far before I remember to laugh!  

I realized more about how in the previous class with this teacher she had conversed non-stop with the other participants but not said anything to include me in the conversation and I had made some meaning of it that was now coming up for healing.

And I was choosing healing by going the other way and then remembering to laugh.

I called upon the Higher Holy Spirit Self to take care of all the healing and by the end of the class I had an exchange with the teacher that bonded us and, btw, in the class she was really helpful to me.

Everything is truly helpful when we’re willing to receive that way.  These seemingly “small” situations are evidence of how we live our life.  Do we live the Love or do we promote more separation?  It’s our choice.  Heaven is a choice we must make.

When we make loving choices we’re actually healing our mind.

We’re liberating ourselves AND everyone else from suffering.  How cool is that?  Why let any other choice appeal to us?

What will you choose today?  

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