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June 7, 2023

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One of the things I’ve learned that’s been so helpful to me is to hold things loosely.  I have desires and dreams, aspirations and goals and they’re important to me, but what’s more important is to be at Peace in this moment.  

I am working towards my goals in every moment by holding them as unfolding with ease and grace.

I don’t have to MAKE anything happen.  

When people say “make it happen,” I think – no thanks.  I got exhausted from trying to make things happen.  It’s not fun.

I’d rather hold things in my heart and mind, energize them with Love and Passion, and let Spirit bring it into fruition.

I’m a yes for the things I’m interested in – I hold the YES in my heart.  

For instance, years ago, I felt that it was possible to offer free forgiveness workshops every month so that people could count on the opportunity to do that work with other like-minded souls and they’d take advantage of the opportunity.  

Now, at the Power of Love Ministry we’re doing that.  And, in fact, right now, we’re amping things up and offering 2 free forgiveness workshops each month.  People register, we send the info, they come and we do the work together.  

They’re powerful, they’re helpful and they’re free.  

I felt the idea to do this was divinely inspired – it didn’t come from me, even though, I LOVE LOVE LOVE teaching forgiveness.  I love the healing that it brings, the release of suffering and illness and all manner of difficulties comes from doing this work and I LOVE being able to be a part of it.

I feel happy to play my part.  I feel I’m being truly helpful.

I didn’t make it happen.  I held it in my heart and mind and I did what I could to bring it to fruition without pushing, without suffering.

That’s what creation feels like to me.

It’s following inspiration and guidance. It’s willingness to follow through and do what needs doing.

My prayer for the last few decades has been to inspire people to be active in loving.  Forgiveness makes that more possible.  

I’m so grateful to be able to bring things to fruition in a creative way, working with people I love and admire and being of service to support more people in being more loving and so they can know they’re a beneficial presence on this planet.  

I work for God, Inc.  And, man, it’s a great job!  The benefits are AWESOME!

It’s not too late! Moving out of the stress of fearful imaginings and anchoring into the truth of our spiritual life is what our Change Your Mind About Your Body Program is all about.  It’s about breaking the habit of believing we’re a body, and believing that we’re not good enough to be loved.  It’s about getting to the root cause of our suffering over our bodies.

We’re just getting started: If changing your mind about your body is of interest, check out our new program – Change Your Mind About Your Body using A Course in Miracles principles – this is a 5 month program with a long list of great ACIM teachers including Alan Cohen, Lisa Natoli, Gary Renard, Jon Mundy, Bill Free, Cindy Lora Renard, Corinne Zupko and more!  

Follow your guidance, and if Spirit leads you to join us I’ll be so very happy to welcome you!  No matter what, we remember that we’re entitled to miracles.

Join me for an adventure in Europe – a CAMINO WALK in October: If you’re interested in learning more about my Camino adventure and joining me in Portugal and Spain. Click here now for more info. We only have a few spots left!

NEW PODCAST EPISODE!  The most recent episode of my podcast’s topic is Our Salvation Is Here. Our salvation is right in front of us to recognize and accept. Let’s speed things up and eliminate the causes of suffering!


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