Great Gratitude

June 1, 2023

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I’m so very truly grateful for the changes in my thinking and the changes they’ve precipitated in my life. Oh, my GOD am I grateful!

I just had the blessing to have a dear friend come and stay with me for four nights over the Memorial Day weekend and there were a few times in the weekend when small things happened that weren’t what I had wished for.  They’re very small – but, I can honestly say that, back in the day, they would have REALLY bothered me.

Here’s the only one I can even remember, and truly the reason I can remember it is simply to give me some specific to share and not because I care at all about what occurred, it’s such a minor incident, it’s 100% nothing.

We were out to lunch at a place where the food had to be ordered at the counter and then they’d bring it to the table when it was ready.  

My friend asked me what I’d like to drink.  The fellow at the table next to me had something that looked interesting to me – it was zero calories and was some kind of sparkling antioxidant tea in a can.  

I asked to borrow this guys can to show to my friend – I held it up so he could see it, “one of these, please!”

When the time came my friend brought me a different colored can with a different drink in it – same brand, different drink.  Similar can design, different color.

This one had calories from sugar.  Not the drink I was hoping for.  I’m not into sweets much and I didn’t want the sugar.  I’m sure I could have got up and exchanged it.  I felt the energy of my different choices – do I drink it and say nothing?  Do I exchange it and explain that it’s not what I asked for?  What to do?

I let the Higher Holy Spirit Self guide me.

My feeling, in that moment, was to say nothing and try the drink.  It was more important to me to not have my friend think they did something wrong – because of course they didn’t – the drinks were very similar looking.  And, who knows, maybe there weren’t anymore and this was the only kind in the cooler.

To me, the main thing is to be harmonious and to be peaceful.

In the past, I would have been upset at feeling that I had to drink the sugar.  And, to be honest, in the old days, I might well have made my friend feel bad, wrong and guilty for not getting what I’d asked for – not kidding.  My insecurities showed up as that kind of unkindness.  It was painful for me and I made it painful for others.

Again, the drink meant next to nothing to me.

My friend means A LOT to me.  

It was a no-brainer choice because I am living in my loving heart.  Even so, I still went to Spirit for what to do.  I like living that way and I aim to do it 100% of the time.

I’m eliminating stress and staying harmonious in little ways like this.  Every day I practice.

Every day I become more dedicated and more clear and for that I am so very grateful.

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Follow your guidance, and if Spirit leads you to join us I will be happy to welcome you! No matter what, we remember that we’re entitled to miracles.

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