Removing the Blocks to Intimacy

June 2, 2023

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If you’re aware that you’ve got some blocks to having healthy and fulfilling intimacy in your relationships, then keep reading.

I’ve got a special invite for you.

I am very excited and happy to invite you to come along to this two-day online event that has some of our favorite A Course in Miracles folks – Jon Mundy and Lisa Natoli.  

All three of us have been invited to speak at this International Online Summit on Removing the Blocks to Intimacy that starts tomorrow – and I get to invite you as my guest – for free of course!

Perhaps you are feeling downhearted about your own situation and the general state of the world and that you just can’t see the answers and you feel pretty hopeless, on edge, worried, unsettled, disillusioned or heart broken. Or maybe you you’d like to learn more about love and relationships and how to do them better. 

Jon Mundy has marriage tips and Lisa Natoli has Self-Love insights and I’ll be sharing about the power of Self-Forgiveness.

There are so many blocks to intimacy that we’re perpetuating and we don’t even know it – in this powerful summit we’re going to address them and offer tools and tips so everyone can do the healing for themselves.  

This is an opportunity to learn from some of the very best experts around, and all in two days. You are going to learn techniques and processes you can start applying right now that are going to get you unstuck, unblocked and flowing again. 

All the Speakers have been doing this work themselves and released blocks to intimacy. 

We’ve all had heartbreak, felt hopeless and broken. We have all learnt by doing and then backed that up in our research and studies so we can share in ways that are helpful.

I’m inviting you to join me at the “Removing the Blocks to Intimacy” International Online 2-Day Summit on Saturday June 3 from 10-4pm UK time (EST 5-11am) ; and on Saturday June 17 from 2-7pm UK time (EST 9am-2pm)

My colleague and host of the summit, Lorrayn de Peyer, is a Mentor and Counselor-Coach who helps people find their COURAGE TO CONNECT by overcoming their fear, self-doubts and limiting self-beliefs in Dating, Love and Relationships.  

Lorrayn is very passionate about helping people to create happy and healthy, love relationships believing this journey is the key for all of us to learn to find peace in ourselves and peace in our world. 

Lorrayn has been leading, mentoring, and training people for over 40 years and has had plenty of her own relationship challenges. She knows first-hand the pitfalls we all face, and the steps we can all take to find the love and fulfilment we seek through it all, and still have fun along the way.

I am excited to be a guest speaker in this summit TOMORROW, Saturday, June 3.  I invite you to hear me discuss forgiveness and how it helps facilitate our feeling more connected.  I’ll teach you a few simple tools you can use to bring more love, intimacy and connection into your most important relationships.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll gain from attending the summit:

·       Valuable Techniques to Adjust Your Relationship Mindset

·       A Clearer Understanding of Your Particular Issues and How to Overcome Them

·       Tools and Strategies for Turning Love Problems into Opportunities

·       How to Make Yourself More Attractive to Potential OR Existing Partners 

·       How to Meet, Develop and Maintain the Right Relationship for You

·       How to Be Confident and Take Bold COURAGEOUS actions towards Change

·       How to Manage Your Emotions that Surface, and See How to Use Them To Create  More Forward Movement In Your Love Life and Life in General

·       How to use the Energy of Existence to Yours and Everybody’s Good

·       How to Forgive

·       And How to Love Deeper

This is a remarkable opportunity to learn from some of the worlds best.   

Enroll here!

Sign Up NOW!

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We’re just getting started: If changing your mind about your body is of interest, check out our new program – Change Your Mind About Your Body using A Course in Miracles principles – this is a 5 month program with a long list of great ACIM teachers including Alan Cohen, Lisa Natoli, Gary Renard, Jon Mundy, Bill Free, Cindy Lora Renard, Corinne Zupko and more!

Follow your guidance, and if Spirit leads you to join us I will be happy to welcome you! No matter what, we remember that we’re entitled to miracles.

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