Messages of Love

September 14, 2023

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Sometimes when my kitty, Sattva, comes home he is super cuddly.  I can feel that maybe something happened out in the woods and fields he prowls that was scary.  Maybe he saw a fox, a bear, a coyote, a bobcat or something that scared him.  Maybe he had a close call.  Maybe he got up a tree and had a hard time figuring out how to get down.  

I wish he could tell me all that he experienced, but I won’t be getting those details.  I love him so much, I’d really like to know more of his adventures and how he experiences life from his perspective.  

I feel we have a strong intuitive connection.  I call to him with my mind and I feel that he answers.  When he’s been out a long time and I’d like him to come home I send him pictures of me holding him and cuddling with him purring.  Usually he comes home pretty quick when I send those sweet messages of Love.

Sattva is a cat, but we still share the one mind.

He sends me messages too.  During the day, when he’s outside, I’ll be doing something in the house and suddenly I know to go to the door and call him.  He’s ready to come in because he’s hungry, it’s nap time, it’s cold, it’s raining, whatever reason it might be, he sends the message to open the door and let him in.  I call and he comes running so fast.  

We have mental connections with the ones we love and it’s important that we honor and respect that.

If we’re harboring negativity and sending those thoughts to someone, it will only come back to bite us.  I wish I had understood this when I was younger.  I wish I had known I had the power to transform relationships into loving and peaceful connections.  

Let’s commit to being spiritually responsible and to give up harboring resentment and grievances.  It’s so worthwhile.  Even if our relationships don’t improve right away, we’ll feel SO much better.  

Feeling free, peaceful and harmonious is very valuable.  A freed mind is a healed mind.  A healed mind can be truly helpful.

Let’s make a quantum leap together.  If you’d like my help developing a spiritual practice of Self-care that clears out the old patterns of past beliefs in order to move out of the unconscious guilt and punishing yourself, blaming others, living like a victim or a martyr, feeling guilty and ashamed, and into feeling more connected with Spirit, please check out my Finding Freedom From Fear Spiritual Bootcamp class – it’s designed to be a rocket booster for your spiritual journey.

If you feel you’ve been holding yourself back and letting fear decide, this might be your answered prayer!

Not sure if one of my programs is right for you? You’re invited to schedule a free Exploratory Call with one of our certified spiritual counselors to get your questions answered and see if this retreat can bring you the results YOU would like!


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