Let Love In

November 29, 2023

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Yesterday was my birthday and I surely do feel blessed by all the birthday messages and wishes.  Thank you!  

I feel grateful for all of the many people in my life that I love and who love me too.

That’s the greatest gift, isn’t it?  Connection, Love, friendship.  In our connections with each other we can feel God’s infinite Love for us.  

We have to be able to let love in, and when we don’t feel worthy, that’s a problem.  

The thing is, we’re worthy of Love whether we believe it, feel it, know it or think it.

Nothing can undo or diminish our worthiness.  And nothing can stop our Creator from loving us.  

So, why don’t we stop all this unworthiness stuff?

Hanging onto it is optional.  We just have to really be done with it and to ALLOW it to be healed.  We don’t have to figure out how to heal it.  We simply must, absolutely must be willing to accept and know our perfection.

I AM perfect is a great affirmation to help us get back on track into our right mind.

Let’s be willing together.  Today and every day.  We have so many more helpful things to do than to hold ourselves back because of unworthiness beliefs.  Let’s get on with what’s more important and more valuable.  We can be truly helpful.

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