Frustration and Unwillingness

February 11, 2024

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I used to have a MAJOR issue with feeling resistant and reluctant to move forward and make the highest and best choices for my life. So often I could be like the person who would start eating right or exercising “tomorrow.” For years I prayed to put an end to the resistance and the reluctance.

I was very aware of the resistance.
I knew the only thing there was to resist was Love.
The one thing we all don’t have too much of is Love and yet Love is the very thing we resist the most.

Now, I can see that I was resisting giving up my sense of unworthiness.


I had built a large part of my identity around not being good enough and so if I let all that Love flow in my life, I’d have to give up this carefully crafted identity of being unworthy. I didn’t want to relinquish the thing I had worked so hard to make even though it was causing me misery.

I’ve come to realize that my deep sense of unworthiness was the ultimate self-sabotage. And all sabotage is for the purpose of slowing down our spiritual growth.

It’s the ultimate kind of crazy that we cling to the very thing that hurts and upsets us most.

And yet, we do it in SO MANY ways – very creative ways too.

We cling to jobs we don’t really like.
We cling to people who don’t really love us, who mistreat us and disrespect us.
We cling to ideas about ourselves that really keep us playing small while living in lack and limitation.

I felt SO FRUSTRATED by my experience of my unwillingness and resistance. I judged myself for it and that only made it worse.

I’ve worked with counseling clients who would argue for their limitations. When I tried to help them see there were no limitations they would tell me I didn’t understand. They needed to be right about how wrong things were. I get it! I HAVE FELT THAT WAY TOO!

They’d defend their right to play small EVEN THOUGH it was the very thing they came to me to help them with.

We’ve all been that crazy in some area of our lives.

I have found the most productive path of change is to work on the core issues.

Heal the root to get new fruit. That’s my approach – now that I know what I know.

For most people there are more ways that we perpetuate unworthiness than ways we undo it in our day to day living.

That’s why I like to look at things from a very practical perspective.

What can I do today to make a difference NOW?
How can that contribute to inspiring me to do better in the next now moment?

I like to look at our choices like a spiritual budget. As with a financial budget we have income and spending and it’s the same for our spiritual life.

When we’re depressed or unhappy, it’s like deficit spending.

  • Income is from Spirit.  The inflow of Love and inspiration is our income that uplifts us.
  • Expenses are ego patterns and beliefs that deplete us.

In order to get back in the black and start to experience the flow of Love and Prosperity we need to stop deficit spending ASAP. Here’s how – and I know it’s obvious:

Start increasing the energy of Spirit’s Love flowing into your heart and mind.
Decrease the negativity, the judgment, the blame and shame.

Do both immediately.

Focus on doing some of both as quick as you can,
and you’ll see a turnaround happen right away.

People don’t bother to do this because they feel unworthy.

The deep belief in unworthiness prevents people from opening to receive the Love that is already ours to receive.

We don’t feel comfortable receiving.
We take ourselves out of the way of Love.
We isolate and engage in self-medication to lower our vibration so we’re no longer a vibrational match for Peace, Love and Joy.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that we really can turn things around VERY quickly with our willingness.

I’m so grateful I found a way out of the patterns of resistance and reluctance.  I’m so glad I stopped sabotaging myself and let my spiritual growth take off like a rocket!  

For me it was a path of learning to trust.  
Being able to practice trust brought me faith and faith changed everything for me.  

Learning to live in faith, Love and trust taught me so much.
And it led me to feeling worthy.

There’s so much healing that’s possible for us when we’re truly willing to PRACTICE this teachings of Love!

I believe we must commit to undoing the beliefs we have in unworthiness.  We’ve trained ourselves to reinforce it and we CAN let it go – and when we do it will help ALL BEINGS to liberate.  We must have the courage to choose liberation today.  Now is the holy instant of our liberation.

Together we’ll undo all patterns of resistance, reluctance endplaying small.

TODAY Sunday – February 11th – Eliminating Reluctance & Resistance:  A 3-hour workshop with me.  We all have resistance.  We all have reluctance.  The question is do we give into it and let it drag us down? There are spiritual methods we can use that work.  Let’s eliminate all reluctance and resistance and celebrate the gift of life!

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NEW PODCAST EPISODE! The most recent episode of my podcast’s topic is There Is No Death. All is one and so there is but one eternal life, and so there can be no actual death. What does that actually mean for us on a day-to-day level? Can we actually experience the oneness of all life and how do we know if we are? In this week’s episode, I share my own experiences of the unity of life, and the benefits of taking a stand for oneness, in other words, accepting the atonement for ourselves.


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