One of My Biggest Miracles

February 20, 2024

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In God, there’s no big or small miracles, although it definitely feels like there is.

When someone feels enslaved to an addiction or obsession and that falls away to be gone forever, it feels like a very BIG miracle.  In truth, it’s really an untrue thought that was believed is no longer believed, it’s perceived as no longer valuable or perhaps as a lie.   

Still, when a shift like that occurs in our life, it feels HUGE.

The biggest challenge there is on this entire planet, with all of humanity, is the belief that we’re unworthy of our divinity, of our magnificence, of being loved.  This unworthiness is the main thought that drives everything on this planet.  

Yet, it’s 100% false.  Unworthiness is untrue.

That’s why this world often feels unreal, like a dream.  Our experience is predicated on a lie that we believe.

Here’s one of the biggest miracles of my life:

I reached a point in my spiritual growth where I knew, I mean, I really, truly KNEW that my belief in unworthiness was false.  And from then on, my experience of life has been substantially different.  My willingness to hold onto the truth and no longer value the lie, shifted my experience of my self, my life and everything in it – every relationship, every conversation, every moment of every day.

When I first really began to get it – after DECADES of studying truth – I began to have bouts of sobbing with gratitude.  I was just so very thankful that I had gotten to the point of realizing the lie of unworthiness and letting it go.  I began to have an authentic experience of “the years the locusts had eaten were given back to me.”  

I never imagined that could happen for me, or that it could be so clear and so real.  I now know that everything has been helpful to me and I’m at Peace with that.

I began to be grateful for everything just as it is, and everything as it was.  I saw that everything had brought me to where I was in that moment and I liked where I was.  That kind of healing feels instantaneous, but it’s not – it’s a culmination.  It’s a realization of the perfection and the wholeness that remained in tact even when I thought it was gone or never was.

Now, this pathway of healing is what I get to share with others – a pathway to get to that place of true Freedom.  I see people get there faster than I did and that makes me SO, SO happy!  I’m so grateful to walk alongside folks who are interested in this change – and what’s even better is that every single one of them begins to share it with others – directly and indirectly.  It’s beautiful.

This place of healing is available to all of us.  It’s not just for special people.  It’s even for people who don’t believe it can happen for them.

What I see happening for us is that we reach a point, maybe again and again, where we become overwhelmed with gratitude that we didn’t give up.  So many times there was the thought to give up, even a desire to give up, to collapse into failure and notenoughness, but somehow, “something” (another name for God!) wouldn’t let us do it.  We kept going.

The temptation to disappear into failure was strong at times.  For some it’s the temptation to no longer be here.  I’m so glad I kept going because I would not have wanted to miss this.  These truly are the best years of my life and, as Frank Sinatra sang, “the best is yet to come.”

And so, I say, “don’t ever, EVER give up.”  You’ll be so glad you didn’t!

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