Resistance and Reluctance Dissolver

February 9, 2024

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For what must have been about three years, I prayed every day to release the resistance and reluctance I felt.  It bothered me so much that I was so often feeling my intuition guiding me in one direction, but I didn’t have the courage to choose it.  

The resistance I felt showed up in so many ways.  It was a constant battle with self-sabotage in the form of resistance and reluctance.  It felt like climbing up hill, and then rolling back down, and then starting up again, and rolling back down again.

It was exhausting.  

And I was determined not to let the resistance and reluctance win out.

That’s why I kept praying.

I had faith that my prayers would carry me through and they did, but I was SO resistant it didn’t happen quickly.

Now, I can see that I learned so much and healed so much THROUGH my experience of resistance and reluctance.  

Deep down, I felt unworthy of my calling.  Now, I know that may not make sense.

I used to think that being a minister meant that I would somehow always make the highest and best choices. Now, I understand that I’m still learning, still remembering, and so sometimes I will stumble and fall, and that’s how I have learned to cultivate a great humility and a greater compassion.  Both are necessary to my success as a minister.

When there’s reluctance to making the loving choices, there’s a healing opportunity and we can choose the healing instead of collapsing into reluctance.

The resistance is often about not wishing to give up playing small because it seems so safe.  The ego thought is, “At least if I play small I’m not going to impact many others with my unworthiness”

Oh, it’s diabolical!  And, we don’t have to live this way anymore.  The time of our liberation is here!   

We have to be willing and we do have to choose our Freedom.  

Now, I know that everyone is worthy of their calling – and all are called to be LOVING.  Let’s answer that call wholeheartedly and without delay!

THIS Sunday – February 11th – Eliminating Reluctance & Resistance:  A 3-hour workshop with me.  We all have resistance.  We all have reluctance.  The question is do we give into it and let it drag us down?  There are spiritual methods we can use that work.  Let’s eliminate all reluctance and resistance and celebrate the gift of life!

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