When Resistance Is Greater than Desire

February 6, 2024

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When I first started as a spiritual counselor I felt up to the task, but so inexperienced.  I didn’t have confidence in my abilities, but I had confidence in the power of prayer because I’d experienced miracles over and over again through the power of prayer.  

Prayer is a power tool.

Prayer is a technology that works in the invisible at the level of the one mind.  As a Science of Mind Practitioner, I was trained to have no doubt and to absolutely KNOW that my prayer was effective at the moment that it was prayed without delay.  I know prayer shifts the mind and that is what brings the results in the world of form, in consciousness.  

It takes a tremendous amount of negativity to counteract the power of one affirmative prayer.  

My first counseling client had a deep desire of the heart to find true Love, get married and have children.  They had a LOT of doubt and fear around this, but they were willing to let it go.  They were willing to invest their faith in my faith.  

I remember one time my client said to me:  “I don’t believe it can happen for me, but I believe that you believe it WILL happen for me, and I’m placing my faith in that.”

That was 24 years ago.  I was blessed to be able to attend my client’s wedding and officiate the ceremony.  I was there at the birth of their first child and they’ve had another child since then.  18 years of marriage later, they’re still going strong.  

I don’t have magical powers, but I know how to pray, to hold something clearly in my mind (which is also prayer) and to not be moved from the vision of Love.  

I recommend to people that they work with the spiritual counselors I’m training and certifying and many times people resist.  When people resist working with a counselor and really doing the work at the level of the mind then I know their resistance is greater than their desire.

Then, it’s my job to know the resistance cannot and will not last because the resistance has no power. 

There’s one power and it’s Love.  

Love cannot fail because it knows no opposition.  

Ultimately all resistance will dissolve and resolve permanently back to the root cause.

To speed it up, all we need is willingness.  And working with a spiritual counselor helps us to gain that willingness.  

Before I became a Science of Mind Practitioner I started working with one.  That was a very important step for me.  I began to truly learn that I could work at the level of the mind – what I now call “working in the invisible” instead of trying to make everything happen in the world of form, which I call “pushing density”

Pushing density, trying to make things happen, is often time consuming and exhausting.  

I was talking about this in my Masterful Living Program yesterday.  I gave some examples of how beneficial it’s been to me to clear the blocks to Love so that I could experience clear and direct intuition thus eliminating the need to put out a lot of effort in the world.  I find that it’s very common for me to have Spirit drop things in my lap.  Things I need are provided in ways that are filled with grace and a win-win for everyone.  

It’s a whole different way of living and it’s quite fulfilling.  I don’t feel I have to fend for myself even though I’m the head of this ministry and I am responsible for everyone’s payroll.  I live in trust that what I’m guided to do will be the best for all and that Spirit will provide.  

I can’t imagine what my life would be like now if I hadn’t discovered the power of working at the level of the mind.  I could never have imagined someone like me could find success in going from feeling mean and miserable to being loving and happy.  I really didn’t believe it would work for me.  

It works even if we don’t believe, when we’re willing.  

Someone said it yesterday, and I hear it often, “I don’t know why I waited so long to do this work with you.”  I know why.  It’s resistance.  Conquering my resistance took years, because I really wasn’t willing.  I didn’t want to know the healing that was possible for me – it required me to take total responsibility for my life and my choices including my thoughts and feelings and I wasn’t willing to do that.  

Now, I understand my resistance and because I understand it I can truly help others to let it go, and do the work at the level of the mind instead of just thinking about it.  This is the greatest Joy for me.  I get to be truly helpful by healing my own consciousness and that brings benefit to all.

This Sunday – February 11 – Eliminating Reluctance & Resistance. A 3-hour workshop with me. We all have resistance.  We all have reluctance.  The question is do we give into it and let it drag us down?  There are spiritual methods we can use that work.  Let’s eliminate all reluctance and resistance and celebrate the gift of life!

STARTS THURSDAY:   Quantum Counseling program with 16 other ACIM teachers If this journey of working at the level of the mind interests you anywhere near as much as it does me, you might be interested in this program.  I’ve never even heard of something like this!  It’s a deep dive into working at the level of the mind.

We’ve got 16 A Course In Miracles teachers who are also counselors and each is offering a 2 hour class about counseling people from an ACIM perspective.  This program is open to anyone, but is of particular interest to ACIM students who have an interest in truly working at the level of the mind and experiencing miraculous healing. 

Teachers include Alan Cohen, Gary Renard, Lisa Natoli, Jon Mundy, Myron Jones, David Fishman, Maria Felipe, Corinne Zupko, Cindy Lora Renard, Bill Free, Aaron Abke, Mark Anthony Lord, and more.  We each have a lot to share!

In late May, I’m offering two events, first, an intensive training near Phoenix, AZ,  for those who’d like to learn more about spiritual counseling from an ACIM perspective as well as a training in how to create and lead workshops.  This work is so important to me.  More details coming soon.

If you feel that you’re interested in this kind of training, but you’re not sure if it’s really the right thing for you this year and you’d like to learn more, you can book an Exploratory Call with one of our spiritual counselors.  They can answer all your questions, and it’s a free call.  Use this link to book an exploratory call now.

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