Aligning With Abundance

April 24, 2024

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When we pray for Abundance, but we’re still habitually believing and affirming that lack and limitation are “real,” then our mind is going to absolutely block the flow of Abundance in our life simply because we don’t believe it is available to us – we’re already convinced that lack is real.

I used to pray for changes in my life that I wasn’t actually willing to accept because my consciousness wasn’t there yet.  It’s a pretty common thing with spiritual students and it’s a form of self-sabotage.

When we’re convinced that Abundance and Prosperity are something that comes to us from the world, rather than the truth, which is that they are spiritual qualities that are omnipresent and omniactive, then we’re going to be looking for something to change in the world, rather than in our mind.  But that’s not how spiritual law works.

We can say we “know” that we must change our mind in order for the world to change, but if we’re still trying to change the world then we don’t know it at all.  The truth is just words that we can remember and quote, but the truth is not awake in our mind.

Until we live in a way that demonstrates we KNOW the truth, we’re operating from our belief system, and we will continue to see the world demonstrating and affirming our beliefs rather than the truth.

All beliefs are false.

All beliefs are an interpretation.

All beliefs are limiting.

All beliefs perpetuate lack.

Truth is liberating because it’s an expression of Love which helps us to remember that our true nature is also Love, always Love – just like everyone else.

When we choose to align with Love, then we’re aligning with Abundance and Prosperity.

When we’ve carefully constructed our life around our beliefs, it can seem like a sacrifice to give them up.  Yet, to have Love is no sacrifice.  Peace is no sacrifice.  Love and Peace are everything.

We choose false beliefs or we choose truth.  We decide for lack or for Abundance.  We are the ones who choose.  Therein lies our Peace of mind or lack thereof.

For a long time life felt like a mystery to me.  I felt confused a lot of the time.  Now, I can see what was going on – I was praying for something I couldn’t and wouldn’t accept.  I was conflicted.  I said I wanted Peace and Prosperity, but I kept choosing attack and lack.  That’s where my focus was so that was my experience.

I am so glad that I realized it wasn’t happening TO me it was happening AS me.  I was receiving as I “asked for.”

A Course in Miracles teaches us that we’re responsible for what we see and that we choose what we feel.  It is given to us as we have asked.  When I was convinced that lack was my experience I got more of it.  When I realized my nature IS the very essence of Prosperity the sense of lack dissolved and so did the lack.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.  We can change what we think and what we feel will change too.  We’re already free.  We’re already whole.  All of our thoughts are like prayers.   It is done unto us as we believe, not as we wish.

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