Always A Bad Habit

April 2, 2024

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When we can let go of a negative thought pattern and replace it with a helpful one, we’re making a life change that benefits everyone.

Always is one of those words that really applies only to the creator.

Spirit is an always system.  Spirit is always the same, infinite, and unchanging.  There is nothing in this world to which always applies.  This world is ever-changing.

One really bad habit that I used to have was using the world always to “damn” myself to a hellish experience.  Allow me to explain.

When something would happen that bothered me, I’d frequently resort to using the word always – particularly in relationship.  I had a long list of always affirmations that were ruining my life and draining off the joy.  Here are just a few:

They always do that to me.

They always forget about me.

They always think I’m going to …

They always let me down.

They always make it hard for me.

They always get in my way.

They’re always against me.

And on, and on, and on.

The ego thought system affirms the same negative affirmations again and again.  

In truth, only God is always.

Always loving.

Always pure.

Always perfect.

This is our true nature, regardless of our personality and experience in life.

I learned to replace the negative always with a positive one.

“They always let me down” became “God always sustains me.”

What happens is these negative affirmations become like prison walls around us, holding us in a constant repeat of the past, hence the “always.”

Those negative affirmations of my victimhood really helped me to keep playing small in my mind and in my heart.  I saw the results in my relationships, my career, my finances, and in how I felt about my life.  I was angry and bitter.  I was afraid.

It’s up to us to interrupt the patterns.

Interrupting the negative pattern is 99% of the work of undoing it forever.

Interrupting the patterns is going the other way.

It’s choosing again.

It’s being willing to let Spirit guide us.

It’s our willingness to let the thought go that changes our experience.

Can you see that the thought is a defense against the truth of your life?

I used to say “they always let me down,” but it wasn’t true at all.  That was my default when I felt concerned that my expectation might not be met.  All expectations are attachments, and I’ve learned that it’s healthy for me to let ALL of them go.  I can release the attachment, the needing, wanting and craving, without giving up my preferences.

Being willing to see that I was the one creating the prison in my mind with these negative affirmations was the first step to my Freedom.

I had to be able to see that my thoughts were manifesting my experience.

I had to be willing to see that my painful experience wasn’t happening TO me, it was happening BY me.  My limiting, constricting, accusatory thoughts were creating the prison in my mind and my life was reflecting it.

I had to be willing to take responsibility for choosing my thoughts.

I had to be willing to invite the Higher Holy Spirit Self into my mind for healing.

Willingness was the key that opened the prison that my mind had become.

What is the negative always affirmation you hear most often in your mind?

Are you willing to give it up to the HHSS for healing so you can have a new experience?

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