Permanent Healing

April 18, 2024

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When I was a new minister and looking to get the word out about Finding Freedom and Masterful Living, I was looking for all the marketing help I could get.  I was trained to be a spiritual counselor and a minister, but I had NO training in marketing whatsoever.  Plus, I wasn’t that interested.  Boy, did I need help!

One of the first things I learned about marketing is that many people spend all their efforts on making a really great offering, but then they don’t put so much into telling people about it.  I get that.  I felt the same way and the reason is that I don’t find the marketing part anywhere near as fulfilling as the creation of the program and being in it.  In fact, I’d rather skip it most of the time.

Back around 2009 I was working with a marketing expert who did group coaching calls.  It was an investment, so I made sure I went to every coaching call.

One week, we were working on our elevator pitches.  In case you don’t know, that’s the short explanation of what you have to offer.  It’s called an elevator pitch because it needs to be about the amount of time it takes you to have a conversation with a perfect stranger on a short elevator ride.

The person who went before me on the call was a life coach and her elevator pitch went something like this, “I help people find the most effective managing and coping strategies to deal with the problems in their life.”

Now, I’d prepared my elevator pitch and here’s what it was:  “I help people move out of managing and coping with their problems by healing the problems at the root cause so they never experience them again.”

I ended up not saying mine on the call, because I felt it might be unkind and confrontational to the life coach.  For me, it wasn’t about being right or being better, I was interested in learning and I’d learned a lot from that life coach.  In fact, the experience was GREAT for me, because I realized how many people SETTLE for managing and coping strategies when they could actually heal the problem entirely.  

The conversation helped me to realize how many people can’t even conceive of healing a problem completely and permanently.

And so they settle.  Been there and done that.

I’m not interested in helping anyone settle for less when there’s healing we can have.

I’ve been witness to extraordinary healing in my life.  And most of it is directly related to effective, affirmative prayer.  Even my mother’s oncologist said that, in his experience, prayer was the #1 thing that made a difference in people’s healing.

I get that people are cautious about placing their faith in prayer.  Before I knew the power of prayer, I would’ve said that prayer was wishful thinking.  But I’ve seen the results so now I know otherwise.

I understand being afraid to place our faith in Spirit, in God, in the word.

Because, if we pray and we experience the miracle of the answered prayer, then we can no longer deny the Power of God in our lives.  We can no longer easily jump to being the victim.

When we experience the power of the answered prayer, then we know that seeing ourselves as a victim is a choice.  It’s self-sabotage at the highest levels.  And it’s completely optional.

This is what I mean when I talk about playing small.  Playing small is denying our divinity.  It’s refusing to acknowledge our magnificence.  It’s complaining without being willing to make a simple change.

I got so tired of that kind of playing small.  I had a deep desire to connect with that Higher Power, and I could no longer allow myself to run from God.

Prayer isn’t hard.  It’s not hard at all.  In fact, most people tell me that learning to pray effectively is one of the greatest life changes they’ve ever made.

What would your answered prayer FEEL like?  Be willing to forget what you think it would LOOK like and focus on what it would feel like.  You can carry that in your heart, and do what’s required to be willing to accept it.

If you’re interested, On Monday, April 22 I’m starting my Prayer Power class.  I would love to share with you what I’ve learned about HOW to pray effectively and use prayer as a power tool for changing our mind, our life, and to eliminate our blocks to Love.

If this is the right step for you right now, you will absolutely know it with your heart.  

If you’d like to PROVE GOD with me, I will be so glad to stand with you, because I know that having the proof is the best medicine for a worried mind.  Faith in God is the answer to all worries.

It may seem impossible, but that’s only for people who put their faith in their own perceptions.

Willingness is the requirement.  A little or a lot.  I’ll take whatever you’ve got.

Let’s do it together!

It’s extraordinary how simple the most helpful tools can be.

Prayer is a power tool to help us accelerate the healing of our mind.

Prayer has changed my life and improved the quality of every day.  I say pray, and pray often.  Let us all live a life of prayer without ceasing.

Learn the Power of Prayer! If you’d like to learn to have prayer as YOUR power tool that you can use at any time, if you’d like to build a MIGHTY trust and faith in Spirit then check out my Prayer Power class that starts on Monday, April 22.  4 POWERFUL classes.  Click here for more details.

Do you have any interest in a spiritual career?  My Quantum Counseling Training Intensive isn’t just a professional training, it’s a deeply healing opportunity to let go of false beliefs. If you read the things people have said about how their lives change as a result, you will see that this is an opportunity for profound lasting personal healing.  Plus, it’s a lot of FUN!  Come join me in Scottsdale, Arizona this May!  Click here to learn more now.

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NEW PODCAST EPISODE! The most recent episode of my podcast’s topic is True Prayer. A Course in Miracles has very clear and uplifting teachings about the power of prayer. Prayer is a power tool that we can use to lift ourselves UP! In this week’s episode, I share how I used prayer and the correspondence between ACIM teachings on Prayer and the Science of Mind teachings I learned as a Practitioner of Prayer.  Now is the time for us to rise and shine! Prayer works!
Asking for assistance is different than a prayer.  If you’re interested in learning more about what I share about prayer, you can check out my Prayer Power class that starts April 22!  Click here now to learn more now.


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