True Prayer

April 17, 2024

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I’m so clear that this Power of Love ministry is about empowering people to stop playing small and to move forward in following their passion, healing their relationships and stepping into a life they truly Love and find fulfilling.

I remember so well how strongly blocked I felt.  I now understand that the blocks were 100% in our mind and that my prayers, opened the way for me to lead a very fulfilling life that I dearly Love and enjoy.  I feel so blessed.

Prayers bring forth the blessing in unexpected ways.

I find that prayer is a fear dissolver, and a problem solver.  When we use our mind effectively, we not only bring ourselves benefit, we share the benefits with all beings, because we’re sharing the same mind.

In my counseling training, I train the counselors to use prayer as a healing modality in their counseling sessions.

As practitioners of prayer we rely upon Spirit to bring the perfect answer to the prayer.  

As a counselor, I don’t know what the answered prayer is, and I don’t need go guess or speculate, I have learned to trust Spirit.  People come for counseling thinking that the answered prayer is one thing when its actually not that thing at all.

Have you ever prayed for someone in your life to stay with you?  Maybe the answered prayer was for that person to go.  Maybe you wished for someone to leave – and the best thing was for them to stay.  Through prayer we can learn to trust and to accept the answer prayer – to feel the clear answer so that we don’t reject it.

It’s a powerful thing to train your mind to accept the answered prayer rather than try to direct God as to what the answer “should” be.

Learning to hold a healing space of intention, aspiration and acceptance for others has been a great mind training for me.  It’s why I decided to start training people to be spiritual counselors – and support them in no longer playing small anymore.

So much healing is possible – let’s participate fully and train our minds to hold the higher vision.  Let’s offer UP our resistance and reluctance and holder a healing space of Love for everyone in our lives and all beings on this earth.

Calling forth unexpected blessings is our work to do.  Let’s do it together.

It’s extraordinary how simple the most helpful tools can be.  Prayer is a power tool to help us accelerate the healing of our mind.

Prayer has changed my life and improved the quality of every day.  I say pray, and pray often.  Let us all live a life of prayer without ceasing.

If you’d like to learn to have prayer as YOUR power tool that you can use at any time, if you’d like to build a MIGHTY trust and faith in Spirit then check out my Prayer Power class that starts on Monday, April 22.  4 POWERFUL classes.  Click here for more details.

Do you have any interest in a spiritual career?  My Quantum Counseling Training Intensive isn’t just a professional training, it’s a deeply healing opportunity to let go of false beliefs. If you read the things people have said about how their lives change as a result, you will see that this is an opportunity for profound lasting personal healing.  Plus, it’s a lot of FUN!  Come join me in Scottsdale, Arizona this May!  Click here to learn more now.

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If your spiritual practice isn’t giving you miraculous results that you can FEEL and see and recognize, then it’s time to rethink it. Quite honestly, that’s one of the great advantages to working with a Spiritual Counselor – they can help you get back on track in ways that are TANGIBLE. I’ve been training spiritual counselors for a decade. And those in training are available to do sessions on a donation basis. We also offer FREE Exploratory Calls with Counselors to assist you in taking stock, getting clear what your next steps are and it’s a great way to get support for Free. If you think any of our programs might be right for you, but you’re not sure – book a free Exploratory Call today.

NEW PODCAST EPISODE! The most recent episode of my podcast’s topic is True Prayer. A Course in Miracles has very clear and uplifting teachings about the power of prayer. Prayer is a power tool that we can use to lift ourselves UP! In this week’s episode, I share how I used prayer and the correspondence between ACIM teachings on Prayer and the Science of Mind teachings I learned as a Practitioner of Prayer.  Now is the time for us to rise and shine! Prayer works!
Asking for assistance is different than a prayer.  If you’re interested in learning more about what I share about prayer, you can check out my Prayer Power class that starts April 22!  Click here now to learn more now.


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