Trusting Spirit

April 16, 2024

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For me, there was nothing so painful as the repeating patterns of pain.  It was that horrible feeling of being in the same painful place AGAIN.  I felt like I was on a hamster wheel of suffering that I just kept spinning around on.

It was so scary and frustrating to repeat the same arguments with the same people.  It was frightening to have the same beliefs in my face and feeling helpless to change them no matter what I did.

I really did feel like an utter failure even if I was “winning” an argument.  I knew there was no real winning any argument, there was only the feeling of defeat every time I found myself triggered again.

And that’s why I feel so committed to supporting people who are really willing to not just end their pain, but live a life of real gain. We can be a beautiful blessing to our loved ones.  We can bring benefit with our presence in their lives.

And it’s not because we know so much and are showing them the way.  The real blessing is when we can simply love them without judgment.

We’ve learned all we can from pain.  It pushes us to look for a better way and to ask for assistance.  If we’re managing and coping on our own there’s not going to be a healing.

We must PARTNER UP with Spirit to have that lasting healing.  

The pain is pushing us to stop trying to do it on our own.  Surrender, surrender, surrender.

Most of us go through a long period where we feel we cannot trust Spirit – but how would we know if we never REALLY have trusted?

Imagine the kind of relationship you would have with a loved one that you never trusted.  How good can it ever be?

We can learn to trust Love itself, and let Love lead us to the higher ground of healing.

Learning to trust is usually a process and it’s one we can learn to enjoy.  I have found it to be exciting and at times thrilling, always rewarding and definitely, most definitely reassuring!

Our willingness to trust is all that’s required.  Starting there, we can be a healing balm in a fitful world and that’s a beautiful thing to share!

Do you feel ready to let the pain go?  What keeps you from trusting Spirit?

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