My Mother’s Day Makeover

May 12, 2024

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For a long time I blamed my mother for some of my “problems.” Now, I thank her for my opportunities. I’m so grateful for the teachings of A Course in Miracles which, through truly LIVING them, I’ve been able to transform my life, my perspective and, most importantly, my heart.

Sometimes we get a really great mother and sometimes our mother seems to be lacking. I know for many years I felt that my dear mother felt like a mixed bag to me. It took me a long, long time, to realize how completely perfect she was – for me. For a long time, I was ungrateful, and now I’m wholly grateful.

When my mother received a terminal illness diagnosis and was told she had a few months to live, I made the heart commitment that we would have a total healing in our relationship before she made her transition. I made it my top priority and I made it my total responsibility.

In self-help programs and in psychological therapy, I was told that I should only take 50% of the responsibility for the quality of my relationships. For me, it was a big shift to go from blaming the other person for ALL of my upset to taking 50% responsibility.

Through my spiritual practice, I came to realize that taking 100% responsibility with 0% blame is the way of healing.

When I took responsibility for all of my feelings and thoughts, as well as my interpretations of my life with my mother, then I finally was able to release all of the guilt I felt (but didn’t realize) for blaming her. Because of that, I experienced a complete healing and transformation of our relationship before she made her transition. I am more grateful for that than I could ever express.

I released so much guilt that my consciousness shifted so much that my life has never been the same. This was truly the beginning of my shift into awakening.

I’d felt so much hurt, resentment and anger toward my mother, and a lot of it wasn’t even about her at all. It took me SO long to realize that I felt so GUILTY about being mean and unkind to my precious mother, and I was projecting my guilt onto her and blaming her for that too – I didn’t even know it.

My mother wasn’t perfect, but she was perfect for me and I let her know that I felt her perfection and that I didn’t carry anything against her anymore. We had a total healing together. It was truly beautiful. God’s grace is available to all of us through forgiveness.

I will always be grateful for the teachings of ACIM which helped me to have faith that the healing with my mother would happen.

Fortunately, we had all the time we needed. She lived three years after that original diagnosis and about 2.5 years in, I had a total clearing of all the upset from the past. Yes, it was a miraculous and instantaneous experience that was 48 years in the making.

It was my commitment that brought it forth. The healing was so complete and so profound it propelled me to be even more dedicated to my healing, and to sharing with others.

Truly living A Course in Miracles has allowed me to hand over the resentment and regret that tortured me for decades. Making that shift from ungrateful to grateful in my relationship with my mother completely changed my life and my thinking. In a sense, it was the “making” of me.

In the Manual for Teachers, Chapter 4, Development of Trust, it says “It takes great learning to understand that ALL things events, encounters and circumstances are helpful.”

It’s a giant breakthrough in awareness when one is willing to discover the Truth of that statement.

In my classes I say, Prove God in your life. Prove what’s true about God and you’ll never regret it. When we’re intent on the truth, that which is false easily falls away.

I used to be completely dedicated to my opinions and yet I was still able to learn that the truth really does set you free. Are you willing to be free? Or do you in some way still blame others for your circumstances? Do you deny the learning in order to hold onto the judgment and then force yourself to repeat the lessons over and over? I did that so frequently.

If you’d like to give yourself a new relationship with your mother(s), you can. It’s easier than you think, but only if you’re truly willing to be loving – to be able to love without needing to get ANYTHING in return. Love is not a “give to get” experience, it’s your true nature revealed. Give the Higher Holy Spirit Self the heavy lifting – let Spirit undo all the consequences of your “wrong decisions” of the past.

BTW, I have done a couple of episodes about mothers on my weekly A Course in Miracles Podcast and you can search through the archive for episodes on whatever topic you’re interested in – there are so many on relationship and forgiveness.

Years ago, I made a VIDEO about my Mother’s Day Makeover and you can click here to watch it now.


We all have many mothers. There’s our birth mother and then there can sometimes be several women who help raise us plus grandmothers and aunties who feel like mothers. I have friends who are very maternal and are almost like a surrogate mother to me. And there are people in my life that I feel very motherly towards.

There’s Mom and then the Divine Mother. Each Mother has a role to play in our awakening to our Divine Nature as the complete and perfect Love that we all are and always will be.

I’ve learned so much about forgiveness – I’ve learned the power it has to heal our mind and our lives. It’s the bringer of so many miracles – and yet, it’s so misunderstood. Because it’s misunderstood it’s often unsuccessful and avoided. That’s why I’m so intent on teaching forgiveness. As it says in A Course in Miracles: Forgiveness offers everything I need. Amen.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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