Saving Time for Love

May 25, 2024

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It can sometimes seem like there’s not enough time to do everything that we have to do or would like to do. The sense that there’s a lack of time is very much related to the belief in lack that comes from that belief in separation.

When we believe that we’re separate from the Source of All, then we’re going to witness that belief in lack show up in EVERY area of our life, even to the point where we, as spiritual students, who “know” that we’re eternal beings, will be convinced three’s a lack of time.

I used to feel SO pressured by the thought that “there’s not enough time.” I finally decided to put my spiritual foot down and get rid of that issue. ENOUGH!

As spiritual students, most of us say that we believe that time is an illusion. We say we believe that we’re eternal. Well, since that IS true, let’s begin to at least act as though we believe it’s true.

I decided to stop arguing with time.
I decided to stop complaining about time.
I decided to be willing to KNOW that time is indeed an illusion and I AM eternal.

I began to have experiences of time that were unusual.

I had an experience where time seemed to stop so that I could complete a task. I was watching the clock, but the time wasn’t moving. Interesting.

I had an experience in traffic one day that should have been at least 2x as long as it actually was. A trip that was about 3 hours became 90 minutes and that wasn’t even possible, but it still happened.

Spiritual practice is a BIG time saver. The ego mindset is that spiritual practice is a time waster. The more we get into the flow of Love, the easier things are, the more in tune we are, the more we’re following intuition and guidance and all of that saves time.

Spiritual practice, when it’s effective, will reduce the experience of problems and generate ease and grace that is unbelievable to the ego identified person.

Our invitation is to remember that we’re all eternal, infinite and so are our relationships. Let the healing expand and become our highest priority! Let’s relax into being eternal and give up the idea that there’s ANY kind of lack.

When we change our mind, our life changes. When we open to receive support from the invisible and to remember our true identity is perfect Love, then life really does get easier. And that saves time.

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LATEST PODCAST EPISODE! The most recent episode of my podcast’s topic is The Habit of Good and Bad. One of the ways that we keep the belief in separation going, and perpetuate the sense of unconscious guilt is by labeling things good and bad. In this episode, I share what I’ve learned about undoing this ego thought pattern in order to see unity instead of separation and the healing this practice brings. We can undo the patterns of pain in ways that are simple and effective.

If your spiritual practice isn’t giving you miraculous results that you can FEEL and see and recognize, then it’s time to rethink it. Quite honestly, that’s one of the great advantages to working with a Spiritual Counselor – they can help you get back on track in ways that are TANGIBLE. I’ve been training spiritual counselors for a decade. And those in training are available to do sessions on a donation basis. We also offer FREE Exploratory Calls with Counselors to assist you in taking stock, getting clear what your next steps are and it’s a great way to get support for Free. If you think any of our programs might be right for you, but you’re not sure – book a free Exploratory Call today.


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