Will You Accept Your Answered Prayer?

May 18, 2024

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We all have a connection to the I AM presence which is our own Higher Holy Spirit Self – the Holy Spirit. We’re all receiving excellent insight and guidance perfectly, specifically designed for us. We’re receiving this inspiration ALL of the time.

The thing to ask ourselves is – Am I accepting it?
Do I allow myself to receive the answered prayer?

Sometimes we completely reject the guidance that would be our answered prayer if we’d accept it. It happens more than we’d like to know. So often, we don’t actually want the answered prayer. We don’t want to suffer anymore, yet, we don’t allow ourselves to listen to and follow the guidance.

Why, you may ask?

It’s what A Course in Miracles calls “The authority problem.”

When we’re ego-identified, and we’re thinking of ourselves as separate beings who have “free will,” then we think of God as out there, trying to make us do things we don’t want to do like take vows of chastity and poverty – neither of which sounds like much fun. And then we think, “no thanks, God. I’ll do it my way.”

And then we feel like a sinner, bad, wrong and unworthy of God’s Love because we’ve rejected God’s requests.

Which leads us straight to the false belief of our unworthiness.

For several years I prayed constantly to accept the guidance I was getting. I prayed to allow myself to really receive it. I prayed to listen and follow. I felt that I had so much resistance and reluctance and I knew I was delaying my happiness and my awakening. I was so frustrated with myself.

The more I increased my spiritual practice, the more I felt that reluctance falling away. It wasn’t quick and easy. I really had to focus on my desire to be aligned with Truth.

I often rejected the answered prayer because I was afraid to find out that I didn’t have what it takes to really live this calling. Fortunately, I discovered for myself that I had what it took to commit to this path and to say YES to my awakening.

I began to see clearly that I had a desire to be a follower. To be the devotee of the pure Love that is our Christ nature.

Instead of telling God what to do to fix my life, and trying to make God in service to the whims of my personality, I realized my true, deep heart’s desire was to serve God, the Light. Now, I’m in my happy place every day.

I invite you to ask Spirit to show you where you might be rejecting the answered prayer and be willing to develop more trust and faith.

There’s a whole lot more healing that’s available for all of us – let’s become more receptive and available!

What is the guidance that you’re getting, but not accepting? Please share in the comments below and I’ll pray for you!

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