Willingness and Courage

May 29, 2024

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I’m writing this on the plane as I fly home to Vermont after being in Scottsdale, Arizona for 12 days lead the Quantum Counseling Training Intensive and then the Create and Lead Workshops Training.  We had so much fun, we got so close, we learned so much and we had a lot of healing and transformation.  Participants have been messaging me about how profound the shifts and changes have been.

Doing this kind of work together is my very favorite thing.  I notice that the vast majority of spiritual students are content learning about spiritual principles, and most are not choosing to do the very deep and introspective work that’s as challenging as it is beneficial.

I always get so much benefit from doing the work I do, whether it’s leading Masterful Living or training the spiritual counselors.  I am reminded again and again how much of my life I spent managing and coping with the false beliefs I had.

When our entire existence, and how we relate to everything in this earthly experience, including ourselves, is predicated on false beliefs, all we can do is manage and cope with our insanity.  That becomes our majority preoccupation – and as a side hustle we might make something or do something, but our lives become focused on propping up our false beliefs as well as coping with the pain of them.  I’m so glad I realized that’s no way to live.

Peace of mind is possible, and from there we can have a life that’s extremely worthwhile.

To me, what’s worthwhile is assisting everyone around me in realizing the perfect Love that they already are – and that requires a willingness to eliminate my own false beliefs.

We spiral up together.

In the counseling training, the primary focus is training the mind to see the perfection in the client and in everyone – to drop the labels, diagnosis, prognosis, perceptions and projections.  It can be very tricky because most of us don’t realize how much we’ve invested in the false.

Let’s say you’ve invested decades of time, most of your life-energy and a huge percentage of your resources in maintaining a false identity and the false perceptions and projections that requires – how do you quickly and easily drop it and go the other way?  Only through miraculous healing.

We can’t just “rip the bandaid” off.  That would leave a person disoriented and confused.  That’s not very helpful.

Working with God, as God, we can have miraculous healing – and that’s what comes from realizations of truth – and those require a willingness to relinquish our attachments to our beliefs.

It’s highly challenging, and it’s very doable.

For those who have willingness.

And courage.

What’s extraordinary is that we can heal at the level of the mind, we can be renewed through our willingness and then everyone around us benefits.

Our loved ones get healed too.  It’s so exciting!  For me, there’s nothing more exciting.

In this Power of Love Community we’re blessed to have brilliant and beautiful folks who are becoming or have become spiritual counselors – and many of them are also speaking at Sundays With Spirit and sharing powerful messages of truth.  I invite you to support these brave souls who have the courage to share their hearts and their journey of awakening.  Their inner fortitude and beauty is remarkable and I find them incredibly inspiring!

NEW PODCAST EPISODE! The most recent episode of my podcast’s topic is The Habit of Good and Bad. One of the ways that we keep the belief in separation going, and perpetuate the sense of unconscious guilt is by labeling things good and bad. In this episode, I share what I’ve learned about undoing this ego thought pattern in order to see unity instead of separation and the healing this practice brings. We can undo the patterns of pain in ways that are simple and effective.


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