Careful With My Word

June 11, 2024

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The other day I’d gotten up at 4:30am to drive from my home in Vermont to go to a Wedding in Boston and by the end of the day, when I was with a friend winding down for the day, she said to me something about being “dead tired.”  I didn’t wish to agree to that.  I’m not dead, and I’m not that tired.

I recall one time when I was thinking about something I need to organize that I’ve been putting off and I had the thought, “I’m going to do that tomorrow if it kills me.”  And then I thought “WHAT???”

That’s the craziest thought I’ve had in a very long time!  Woah!  I do not wish to energize that thought!

Cancel, cancel, CANCEL!

Then, I started thinking about other crazy thoughts such as:

“If it’s the last thing I do!”  Which is just another way of saying, “if it’ kills me.”

There are many crazy thought circulating in our world, and we can identify them and discard them.  I’ve had people I’m working with say to me, “should we worry about … (fill in the blank)?”  To which I usually reply, “How would worrying about it be helpful to us?”  And then they say, “Well, that’s not what I meant, …”

It’s as though our speech is speaking us and we’re no longer in control of our thoughts!  Woah!

There are many common sayings that we’re all used to hearing that are actually not helpful to us at all.

Being mindful of saying what I mean and meaning what I say has been important to me for a long time.

I notice that being clear with my speech has been an important part of my daily spiritual practice of practicing mindfulness.

This mindfulness practice has brought me a tremendous amount of benefit.

I’ve learned not to be lazy with my word and to correct myself if I misspeak, no matter who is listening or how many.  

Simple steps, every day, bring me to a place of Peace and Harmony.  It’s not a lot of effort, but it brings tremendous results.

My voice is still not quite back to full power, so I’ve needed to save it for the classes I’ve had, but a new episode is coming soon  – in the meantime:

LATEST PODCAST EPISODE! The most recent episode of my podcast’s topic is The Habit of Good and Bad. One of the ways that we keep the belief in separation going, and perpetuate the sense of unconscious guilt is by labeling things good and bad. In this episode, I share what I’ve learned about undoing this ego thought pattern in order to see unity instead of separation and the healing this practice brings. We can undo the patterns of pain in ways that are simple and effective.


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