How About A Smile?

June 19, 2024

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When I was younger I was angry a lot of the time.  My mind was often feeling insecure and threatened and the way I coped with my feelings was to be angry a lot of the time.  The anger kept people from getting to close to me and that made me feel safer.

Because I often looked like someone who was angry, from time to time, older men would tell me to smile.  They’d say things like, “smile you’ll be prettier.” Or, “smile, it’s not that bad.”  I hated that!

I hated being told what to do.  I hated the very idea that old men would command me to smile for them.

Now, I’m grateful that those old men told me to smile – they were Spirit helping me to realize that I was missing the opportunity to smile.

Even though I hated (that’s really how I felt) being told to smile, it helped me to realize that I needed to lighten up, and for that I’m grateful.

Of course there’s a difference between an authentic smile that comes from the heart and the kind of smile that’s actually a cover up.  Fake smiles are different than heart smiles.

A smile goes a long way to making our lives better.

If I start smiling, for no particular reason, I automatically feel better.  As I type these words I’m smiling and feeling the difference that it makes!

There are times when I’ve been able to offer a smile to people who were going through a rough time and it really supported them.

Let’s not be stingy with our smiles!  Let’s practice being generous with our smiles!  Our relationships will surely be improved if we smile more!  It costs us nothing. 🙂

Let’s experiment with our smiles!  I’m not kidding.  Let’s practice smiling when we don’t really feel like it.  Notice when we’re wearing a fake smile, and when we can actually authentically smile and lift our own mood.  Let’s see what we can discover about improving our life and the life of those around us.

Hey, it costs us nothing!

NEW PODCAST EPISODE! The most recent episode of my podcast’s topic is Are We Avoiding Healing?.  Each of us is avoiding healing in a number of ways, but some of those ways may not be obvious. When we can get more clarity and see the avoidance for what it is, we can shift and change, we can go the other way and the healing comes pouring through. In this episode, I offer simple ways that she shifted her perspective to activate healing opportunities every day – and that made all the difference. Every day is a day of healing and transformation when we’re willing!


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