Sweet Release

June 18, 2024

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Practicing A Course in Miracles, living A Course in Miracles has brought me such a transformation.  There are specific lessons that have really brought me Peace and helped me to go the other way when I wouldn’t have otherwise known how to do that.

I found that just stating a phrase of truth from ACIM could completely help me to unlock my mind from the painful attachment I’d find myself stuck to.

In each upsetting experience there is something for us to learn that helps us grow and become a wiser, more compassionate person.  If we think things shouldn’t have happened then we don’t forgive, and we prevent ourselves from harvesting the learning encoded into our experiences.

When we refuse to learn we’re doomed to repeat the painful experiences until we become willing to release our judgments.

At this point we can learn from them.

This is the sweet release of Lesson 25, “I don’t know what anything is for.”

Until we release our limited and painful perspective from the vantage point of believing in separation, we cannot see in all directions of time and space, and have the view and vision of the Holy Spirit.  Until we can see with the vision of the Holy Spirit, we don’t know what anything is for.

Isn’t it just arrogance to think that we do know when so clearly we do not?

As long as we’re deluded into thinking we know what things are for, and believing we know who’s bad and who’s good, who’s right and who’s wrong, we’re not interested in the truth that sets us free.

When we need to be right about our interpretations, then we are doomed to keep repeating the same errors again and again.

It’s so much easier to say “I don’t know what anything is for.”  It’s for my learning, and that’s what I’m interested in.  The Holy Spirit will guide me and direct and in the meantime, I can simply be grateful for my willingness to be free and to choose Freedom.

Gratitude lifts my vibration and that makes me more willing to let go of the past, and the healing continues.

It becomes a self-perpetuating practice of rising up.  I love that!

LATEST PODCAST EPISODE! The most recent episode of my podcast’s topic is Escape From Littleness.  In every moment we’re either choosing to identify with a smaller selfish self or our holiness.  This choice happens all day long, and by recognizing the choice for holiness more and more often we can transform our consciousness.    In this episode, I share how I’ve been able to apply the teachings of ACIM to assist me in giving up resistance to Love and to the habit of playing small.   Every day can be a day of healing and transformation if we’re willing!


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