Online Workshop
As A Course in Miracles makes clear, true joy comes from sharing our healing with everyone!

We are excited to be joining with Jennifer Hadley to offer our very first Power of Love Ministry Healing from Sexual Abuse Online Workshop in February or March of 2020. It will be an intensive workshop conducted over a 3-day weekend, eight hours per day of teaching, group discussion, exercises and break-out sessions held on the Zoom platform.

We are asking participants to be prepared as if you are entering a 3-day Vipassana Retreat. Having all necessary materials available, meals prepared in advance and, if possible, arranging child & pet care so you can truly focus on your healing.

In-person Retreat

The upcoming in-person retreats will be in areas of the country where the most interested people live, beginning in the Boston area. In person, intensive retreats will be 5 days and 4 nights, and will include teaching, discussions, exercises and break-out sessions into smaller groups with lots of time to connect and support one another.


The cost for the online Workshop and the in-person retreats are yet to be determined. The Power of Love Ministry will offer payment plans for either healing option: one payment in full, 3 payments, or 6 payments.

Brief Survey

CLICK HERE to complete a 2-minute survey if you are interested in an online or in-person Healing from Sexual Abuse retreat.

Contact Us

We are all available to take your questions, concerns and inquiries about any of our upcoming offerings. Here is our contact information:

Elizabeth Welch
(318) 458-5698

Paula Martin
(540) 460-1019

Suzi Sokolow
(203) 464-2655

Kelly Hess
(314) 637-2623


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Counselors’ Corner – Linda Soto


Certified Spiritual Counselor & Conscious Joy Instructor.It is my joy to serve others to see they can rise above their challenges and open up to living the life of their dreams. Throughout my adult life, people would often confide in and turn to me for advice. I finally made it official and have been counseling and running workshops on self-love and forgiveness since 2014.


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