I forgive me for believing I made mistakes
I forgive me for holding on to blame
I forgive me for holding on to shame
I forgive me
I forgive me for thinking Anything should be different than ‘what is’
I forgive me for withholding
I forgive me for choosing anything other than love
I forgive me
I forgive me fully and completely

And I let go
I let go of holding on
I let go of holding on to anything from the past
I let go of beliefs I hold about myself or anyone else
I let go
I let go of attaching happiness to appearance
I let go of the meaning ‘I’ make
I let go
I let go fully and completely

I surrender
I surrender holding onto anything
I surrender judgments, beliefs, and opinions
I surrender ‘my’ will
I surrender it all
I surrender
I surrender it fully and completely

I start anew
I start anew each moment
I start anew each experience
I start anew each choice
And I co-create
I co-create with my Divine Self
A Whole New Experience Unfolds

Issue #4

Welcome to The Power of Love in My Life, a community newsletter sharing uplifting poems, songs, artwork, testimonials and more, that demonstrate ‘Love is the Healer’ and activator of miracles in our powerful, loving, transformative community. This is a love letter from our heart to yours. May our sharing inspire miracles of Love in your life too!



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Counselor’s Corner:Kathryn Hariston


I believe as Ram Dass said: “We are all just walking each other home.
Through Truth teachings from many spiritual guides and teachers, especially A Course in Miracles and 12 Steps, I have recognized my purpose is to be “truly helpful “, and to see the joy and peace and freedom in this life now.


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