Change Your Mind About Your Body

Use ACIM to Release the Patterns of Pain and
Shame So You Can Feel Good

Monday, May 29th - Sunday, October 29th

Change Your Mind About Your Body

Use ACIM to Release the Patterns of Pain and
Shame So You Can Feel Good

We’ve all heard the teaching of “change your mind, change your life.”  And many spiritual students have proven it’s true that changing their mind does heal their life.

It can work for your body too!

Many of us struggle with our thoughts about our body.  Many of us have health issues, and for spiritual students that can feel shameful.

I am not a body.
But I have one.
And I’d like to feel good about it.
I’d like to take really good care of it.
I’d like to not think about it all the time.


You are NOT alone...

  • Do you struggle with illness & health concerns?
  • Do you feel like your body is against you and ruining your life?
  • Do you feel like it’s hopeless to heal your mind or your body?
  • Does the healing seem out of reach?
  • Do you feel like you’re so far from ok, it’s not worth it to try?
  • Are you worried about the health of a loved one?
  • Do you fear illness?
  • Do you fear aging?
  • Do you obsess about diet and exercise?
  • Do you hate your body?
  • Do you have cravings and addictive tendencies that you blame on the body?

I’ve worked with people who’ve had life-changing healing mentally, emotionally and physically - healing at all levels - healing chronic issues of all kinds.

"After years of suffering with chronic pain that had me taking pain relievers all day, everyday, for years - it just miraculously stopped during the year and I know it was because of my spiritual practice."

- Sheila Wilson

"I experienced miraculous physical healing after years and years of suffering from debilitating chronic pain, having surgery after surgery, and being completely medication dependent (I went from spending $5,000/year on medications to $500 in just that year). With that healing also came healing of finances and relationships.  When I began, I didn’t even think it would be possible for me.  People who had watched me suffer over the years kept asking me what I did because they couldn't believe I was the same person.  Since that time I am so grateful to continue to have healing of my body, and more importantly healing of my mind.  I’ve had opportunities and things I never thought could happen. Spiritual practice works!!"

- Araba Afenyi-Annan, MD, MPH


In this Program, here's our focus:

  • We work at the level of the mind - changing our beliefs about our body in order to align with truth and the Peace of mind that brings.
  • We’ll look at the false beliefs that have been running our thoughts and our choices so we can make healthier, smarter choices without trying to control or manipulate ourselves.
  • We’ll do deep forgiveness work so we can eliminate the self-judgment, the body hatred, and the victim consciousness that drives our self-destructive beliefs and behaviors.
  • We’ll talk honestly and openly about the crazy thinking and the pain of feeling trapped in unhealthy thoughts and choices.
  • We’ll heal the hurts from the deeply painful body experiences we’ve had.
  • We’ll heal the shame. 


We're going to work on multiple levels:

  • We’re changing our thinking by healing the mind about the body.
  • We’re going to talk about what we eat and how we exercise because we’re learning to be Spirit led and guided, not ego pushed and pulled.
  • NO dieting, but for those who’d like we’ll do some cleansing.
  • We’ll discuss nutrition, and how to make the highest and best choices while still loving what we eat.
  • We’ll work with healing the deep seated emotional issues that affect how we feel about our body, and how we treat it.
  • Most importantly we’re going to clear out the root causes of body issues.

Engage with thought leaders who will transform the way you think.

Aaron Abke

Alan Cohen


Bill Free

Cindy Renard

Corinne Zupko

Dov Fishman

Gary Renard

Jennifer Hadley

Jon Mundy

kironJ Gardner

Lana Cagle

Lisa Natoli

Mark Anthony Lord

Sarah Shearer

Be part of this transformative journey.

If you’ve had enough of living in lack, attack and limitation regarding your body and allowing it to make you feel badly about yourself, this is the program for you.

Class Schedule:

  • This is a 5 month program. We’ll have 1 class per week and some weeks we’ll have an additional workshop.  Class days and times will change week to week in order to accommodate a global audience.  
  •  Replays. downloads and recordings will be available for all classes.  
  • Classes and workshops will be from 90 minutes to 3 hours.
  • The 1st class is Monday, May 29th (Memorial Day in the USA) 2 to 5pm EDT (3 hrs)
  • Forgiveness Workshop, Saturday, June 3rd (TBD) (90 minutes)
  • Second class is Sunday, June 4th 2 to 5pm EDT (3 hrs)
  • The rest of the schedule will be published before the class begins.

Sign up today and together we’ll heal our negative thoughts about our bodies so we can all feel more empowered!

Class begins Monday, May 29


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